FACE: MAC Lipstick ‘Plumful’

So I popped along to MAC the other day.

As posted previously I had a little bit of a de-clutter of my makeup collection and in doing so found I had 6 MAC empties – yessssssss….result! I’m sure many of my readers know what this means but if you don’t …MAC Empties (empty containers) = FREE Lipstick! Yay!

So I hot footed it into the city to my nearest MAC store.

I picked up a shade from the MAC lustre range in the colour ‘Plumful’.



I normally go for colours this shade in a gloss because I think it suits my skin tone better, but I opted to try something a little different. To be honest I’m quite pleased with the colour.


I lined my lips first with MUA lip liner in the colour ‘Pink Me Up’


The lipstick smoothly guides on and has a very rich moisture to it. It wears well however I did have find that the moisture starts drying after about an hour or two…. To be fair though, not sure if that’s my lips due to the fierce winter we are dealing or the lipstick itself. So I may opt to trying it with a lip balm first next time for added moisture as I hate having drying lips!

The shade is subtle enough to wear any time of day …. I wore it to work today which is a corporate environment….I didn’t get any weird stares so it passed the test.



Despite being called ‘Plumful’ the colour has pink and blue undertones which can make a fairly neutral face pop and is great as a pick me up during drab winter.

Have you recently purchased any new shades of lipstick? I would love to hear what you have picked up!

Thanks for reading.



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