FACE: REN Keep Young and Beautiful ….

Yes we would all love to wouldn’t we?

As a fairly new 30 something mom to a mini-me, early days of sharing your life with your new bundle of joy we are told are “filled with endless sleepless nights”.

For those of you who are yet to experience these sleepless night phases they go like this ….newborn waking 2 – 3 hours, teething (two front teeth or tooth), general illness such as cold/cough, teething (two bottom teeth or tooth), night terrors, I just don’t want to sleep because night time is way more fun mommy, more teething (I can’t see which teeth are coming through…. I could go on but you get the picture. You just don’t get much sleep. I’m not complaining because for all the lack of sleep you get, being a mom has its rewards.

It’s only when I returned back to work though that I noticed just how no sleep and then needing to carry out a full 8-9 hours work the next day and be as human as possible in the office and at meetings really takes it’s toll.

I became a woman possessed to ‘fix’ the under eye lines without surgery. The under eye lines when coupled with my concealer (looked ten times worst) at times looked like I had not blended my concealer properly, and showed awful crease marks.

Then just like magic I found the answer to my prayers…. REN Keep Young and Beautiful Anti-Aging Eye Cream it’s quite a title, it retails for around £26 from most good beauty stores or websites. I picked it up from Space NK and as I have one of their Indulge cards I got £5 off the full price.



This eye cream is a dream to me and with a combination of good diet, plenty of water it has my under eye lines in tact and not looking half as bad they did. The eye cream doesn’t make the lines disappear, but it definitely does soften them when used consistently over time. And because this eye cream does a good job of hydrating and moisturising, your under eyes look refreshed.

Now I won’t lie my mini-me has now progressed to better sleeping patterns which does help.

It has a cream like consistency which is not sticky and sinks into the skin nicely, I gently pat this into the under eye area until all traces of the cream are gone.


The eye cream has no nasties and is free from parabens, sulphites, mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic fragrance, colours … Which is an added benefit!


I’m not sure what else I can tell you about the eye cream other than I love it. Oh the only small downside is the packaging you can’t tell how much cream is in the bottle. I suspect this will last me a while as I’m still on my first bottle… Although I may have to invest in a back up for the day it does run out.

Lastly, eye cream I have found is a very personal thing, this particular cream works for me so I cannot guarantee that you will have the same results and it has been very much a case of trial and error – for instance I tried Eucerin eye cream previously (for me terrible!).

Good diet, staying hydrated with water and sleep in conjunction with using this eye cream has helped me.

Have you stumbled across any eye cream wonders?

Thanks for reading. Toodlepip!


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