FACE: Collection Longer Lash Mascara – UPDATE

So remember in this post I talked about how I changed my mascara to the Collection Longer Lash.


Well what I failed to notice was this is actually a waterproof mascara….. Fail.

I haven’t used waterproof mascara since my teens and using this mascara more recently I remember why….

As it was partly my fault in the first place I cannot completely bash the product because as mentioned previously it gives length and it’s quite significant for my poor short lashes, however being waterproof it is a complete nightmare to chisel off my poor short lashes.

I have sensitive skin, currently I’m using the Simple Eye Makeup remover (which by the way is great! Blog post coming soon) to remove it. In fairness I probably need an eye makeup remover with a little more substance to help dissolve and lift the mascara product from my lashes. Please take note if you buy this mascara.

Tonight during my nightly skincare routine, I have decided to put this mascara away (or in the bin) as to be honest I lost a few of my natural lashes…. No bueno.

In conclusion I will say this….. if you cry a lot or indulge in watersports as your day job this stuff is fabulous!

Tomorrow you will be guaranteed to find me back in either Superdrug or Boots finding a suitable replacement mascara, I will be back to my good old faithful brand – Maybelline. However this time I will ensure I don’t mistakenly pick up another waterproof mascara!

Waterproof mascaras… What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading, Toodlepip!


One thought on “FACE: Collection Longer Lash Mascara – UPDATE

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