LIFESTYLE: I Heart Sundays …

I am sure like many other people, you consider Sundays to be one of the best days of the week.


Not for the obvious reasons like lie-ins (I haven’t had one of those for a few years), reading Sunday newspapers with a big mug of tea and a big breakfast.

No, I love Sundays for the very fact that the day tends to be unpredictable…. we can choose to do anything we want, when we want. There are no time pressure, no demands. There are no rules …. We just go with the flow of the day.

I took a moment this weekend to stop and take a look around me and noticed that the whole pace of the day and generally the people around me move slower.

In the UK most retail stores don’t open until 10:30-11:00am which automatically forces a somewhat snails pace…

This Sunday was slightly different the sun was shining and after a particularly grim Saturday weather-wise me, the husband and mini-me decided to take ourselves down to one of our local parks for a walk to breathe in the air, capture some rays from the sun and just walk and enjoy one another’s company with no distractions of TV, magically computery gadgertry and magazine….



Despite being very sunny it was absolutely freezing so we were wrapped up extremely warm!
I wore a very relaxed outfit one which involved wearing my trusty chucks…


The sunshine also made me gravitate to a bright lipstick so I wore MAC’s ‘Ladybug’ …


It’s always nice to enjoy relaxing days and I am trying to commit to at least one day in the week where I slow my pace because generally my life is all go go go!

I know these types of posts may not be everyone’s cup of tea….I just thought I’d share what I have been up too.

So I will be back with a Style, Face or Beauty post hopefully tomorrow…before I go I’d love to know whats your favourite day of the week?

Thanks for reading. Toodlepip!


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