BEAUTY: Perfect Nails, My Favourite Nail Products

I read a post by Lorie over at Frostings and Style the other day which talks about nail shapes and what it may say about your personality – you should check it out!

This got me thinking about my own nail care routine over the years and how it has changed.

In my twenties every three to four weeks I would go and get my nail ‘did’ so to speak. I would get a gel manicure, my nails would stay all nice and shiny for some 3 and a bit weeks depending on how well I cared for them….. Then came motherhood and my priorities have changed. With all the stuff your hands end up doing looking after little ones (wiping, cleaning etc) I found it pretty much a waste of time getting them done professionally so often. I do still get them done professionally for special occasions thought!

However thats not to say I don’t crave perfect looking nails on a daily basis.

Over the past year or so I think I have perfected my little routine, I keep my nails short to medium in length, in a squoval style.
I paint my nails either in bright bold block colours or very dark or plummy tones.


In the above picture I painted my nails with Natural Collection in Hibicus.


One of my biggest irritations with self maintenance of my talons is the dreaded nail colour chipping….

I have a couple of products which I use, to keep nail colour chipping at bay a little longer.

Seche Vite I am not sure of any girl who wouldn’t be without this! Ultra quick fast drying top coat which also makes your nails super salon shiny. You can apply this stuff in a minute and your nails are dry to touch, my only issue with this product personally is when you have had it for a while it starts to chip after a couple of days of wear and the consistency becomes very gloopy. Seche Vite have a product called Seche Vite Restore which can be used to thin your existing gloopy product. I am yet to try this however if I am honest I am not sure if I would purchase it as I spotted it in Boots the other day for pretty much the same price as the top coat!!!


My other favourite product is the Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat. This product when applied as a base coat only, helps my nail colour last a good 3-4days before my nails need repainting.


I tried a little experiment with it last week, I applied Double Duty as a base coat, a dark Orlay nail colour and no top coat, here are the results:

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


I think it lasted pretty well. What are your top tips for perfect nails?

Thanks for reading. Toodlepip!


6 thoughts on “BEAUTY: Perfect Nails, My Favourite Nail Products

  1. I love the Natural Collection in Hibicus! I have been doing a terrible job keeping a nail routine myself. I find I focus on my feet and neglect my hand nails. I will definitely start taking care of them.

    • Yes it’s a lovely colour isn’t it? Lol I am the other way around…looking after my hands my feet get forgotten about… And I’m reminded their unpainted when I go to my weekly yoga class! 🙂

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