STYLE: Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces seem to be making waves on the style scene at the moment… And quite rightly so. They can make the most drab, basic, effortless outfit look very polished, well thoughtout and stylish!

With spring only a few months around the corner and as mentioned here Pastels colours are back on the Spring / Summer 14 style agenda.

So whilst browsing a few stores on the inter-web-net this evening, I have stumbled upon a few ‘wishlist’ statement necklaces which are pastels and so very in keeping with Spring/Summer 14. Enjoy….Toodlepip!


Top left: Love Rocks Opaque Collar Necklace. £26, Asos
Centre left: Princess Natalia Statement Necklace. £29, Accessorize
Bottom left: Jonny Loves Rosie Collar Multi Stone Collar Necklace. £26, Asos
Top right: Antibes Pebbles Statement Necklace. £25, Accessorize
Centre right: Fleurette Statement Necklace. £160, Stella & Dot
Bottom right: Lulu Statement Necklace. £17, Accessorize (ok, it’s not quite so pastel, but I love the vibrancy of this piece!)


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