STYLE: I heart Anthropologie

I remember the first day we met …

It was some 3 and a bit years ago, on a chilly but sunny day in February, strolling through the SoHo area of New York City with not a care in the world. It was my first trip to New York with my bestie and I was yet to discover the wonder of retail heaven. I knew this after stepping through your doors….

Sounds a bit like a love story right?

Anthropologie is a store (in my humble opinion) like no other… As confirmed above I first stumbled upon this store during my first visit to NYC. The store holds a very eclectic, dreamy and unique mix of clothing, accessories, footwear, furniture and home accessories. You are always guaranteed when shopping in this store whether online or in person to find something different.

So what is anthropologie all about? I got a little extract from their website:

Twenty years after being founded in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Anthropologie remains a destination for those wanting a curated mix of clothing, accessories, gifts and home décor that reflects their personal style and fuels their lives’ passions, from fashion to art to entertaining. In this, our 20th anniversary year, we are committed to offering our customers signature products and unmatched service, both in our 180 stores throughout Europe and America and also at and

I’m a massive fan of their candles, I believe they are made mostly using soy (which contains no nasty ingredients) and they last ages, they retail in the region of £10 – £20.


The boulangerie candle: a very sweet, comforting scent, almost like apple pie or another type of sweet pudding! Yum!
The avocado and mint candle: a very fresh green smell, which I tend to burn in my kitchen.

If you buy clothing from their store they package everything up so lovely! I have bought a couple of items of clothing from the store, which I’m unable to show you on this post due to poor lighting …. Darn you winter!

Anthropologie is a true gem! and I was even more pleased when the store clerk told me (at the time) they had a store just opened in London. Which, ok isn’t just around the corner from me but it’s only a train ride away which isn’t too bad.

So here are a few things that they have to offer (which I absolutely love) they are available via their website …enjoy!

Top left: Blushed a Tweed Moto Jacket
Top Centre: Cleo Tunic £148
Top Right: Moonshine Brogues £118
Bottom Left: Arya Boots £298
Bottom Centre: Spining Ring £68
Bottom Right: Karma Stack £68

Top Left: The Fashion Insiders Guide to Paris £15.99
Left Centre: New York Cult recipes £20.00
Bottom Left: The Fashion Insiders Guide to New York £15.99
Top Right: Left: Raindrops shower curtain £78.00
Bottom Right: Gallus Pitcher £68.00


Left: Montia Blossom Pendant £48.00
Right: Boreal Bib Necklace £78.00

Have you shopped in Anthropologie? What do you think?

Thanks for reading….Toodlepip!

Disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form sponsored to write about Anthropologie, these views are my own.


6 thoughts on “STYLE: I heart Anthropologie

    • I love Anthropologie it’s one of my hidden gem shopping places! Thanks for the feedback …. Perhaps a special occasion such as your birthday might be a good opportunity to put a wish list together for loved ones that way( cheeky I know) you avoid having to spend 😉

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