FACE: NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Cleanser Review

So I indulged in a spot of retail therapy at the weekend in doing so I tripped over and fell in to Boots and rolled through the store to the beauty aisles….I made a right spectacle of myself! No ….Not really …..Doesn’t even sound that convincing does it ?

So anyway, me being one for a good bargain and money-off offers ….I spotted the NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Cleanser on special offer for around £5.


I generally like to keep the product I use on my face fairly simple and free from ingredients which sound too ‘clinical’, however I was intrigued to give this cleanser a try as the labelling claims to cleanse, purify, retexture, hydrate, smooth and exfoliate.

The cleanser also has 2% Glycolic acid added to it – hence it’s label, so I quickly checked on my smartphone exactly what Glycolic acid does via skincare.about.comwhilst standing in the aisle and before I made the purchase.

I have been using the cleanser for a few days now and whilst it’s too early to really tell what difference it has made, my face had been plagued with a few stress spots, however since using the cleanser they seem to be drying out quite nicely.

To use the cleanser I apply it to my dampened face and work the product using gentle circular motions, then rinsed it off. My face is not left feeling tight and it does feel hydrated, it’s definitely not a product which strips moisture away which is great especially as UK weather is so bitterly cold at the moment.

The consistency of the cleanser is gel like, however on the label it is described as a foaming cleanser which to be honest I haven’t been able to work it into a lather.

The scent of the product in my opinion is a mix between grapefruit with a mild hint of apple, which is fine for me as it’s a clean fresh smell.

I will more than likely do a part two blog post to let you know how my skin is adjusting to this cleanser towards the end of the month…so stay tuned.

Have you used NIP+FAB products? Which ones are your favourite?

ThanKs for reading…. Toodlepip!


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