BEAUTY: Valentines Day Nails

WOW is it nearly Valentines Day already….

Valentines Day whether you celebrate it or not marks the start of what I called the ‘big calendar events’ you know what I mean…. Valentines Day, Shrove Tuesday (pancake day), Easter etc… Then before you know it we are back at the run up to Christmas again!

So any way the point I was trying to make is for these big calendar events I do personally like to participate, as I think it’s nice to make the effort and it doesn’t need to cost lots of money to participate either.

So to celebrate, Valentines day I thought appropriately painted nails does just the trick. Here’s how I created the look using these nail colours:


Firstly the colours I used Sally Hansen’s Double Duty as the base coat previously posted about here, Orly’s Who’s Who Pink as the Base colour with which I applied two coats.


Next the hearts, I chose two shades Essie’s colour shade number 23 ( sorry I don’t know the name as I got this as part of a set from TKMaxx) and Barry M’s Gelly Hi-Shine in the colour Pomegranate.

To create the hearts you need a steady hand, suggest you practise on a scrap piece of paper first! Very gently paint one side of the heart as a line


and then connect it with another


Let your nails dry a little before finishing them off with a touch of top coat, then you have the finished result!


What ever your doing or not doing for Valentines Day enjoy! even if you just eat cake…. Enjoy it!


Thanks for reading……TTFN!


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