Tag: The 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty

So quite shamefully I have to admit I was tagged by the lovely Deborah Says Beauty nearly a month ago. Here’s were I share with you my sins of beauty…. Hmmm I suppose me over spending at a MAC counter is pretty sinful…. But oh so worth it. So here goes:

Greed: Whats your most expensive beauty item?
At the moment it’s my My Naked 3 palette read about it here! But oh how I love it so. DEFINITELY a worth while purchase the shades are super pigmented with gorgeous lasting shimmer.


Wrath: What do you have a strong / love hate relationship with?
Loreal Glam Shine Stain some days I love it especially in the colour 300 Juliet as I feel it looks great against my skin tone, others day I feel it can be quite drying and makes my lips flaky over times, also the more neutral colours on me can look a tad watery and bland on my lips.


Gluttony: What brand takes up most of your collection?
So I am a secret Dermalogica hoarder! I have used it for years and it’s kind of like my security blanket. I tend to rotate between a few staple products from their range when I feel my skin needs a good sorting out and after experimenting with other products which haven’t quite agreed with my skin. I will blog my Dermalogica recommendations soon!


Sloth: What product do you ignore the most due to laziness?
At the moment it’s blush. I don’t know why …perhaps its the weather or the very fact that I have been using and repurchasing this same shade of Sleek blush in shade sunrise for a while…. I think I need to change it up.


Pride: which product gives you the most confidence?
Definitely my NARS concealer. As I usually wear make up for my day job, on weekends I do like to let my skin breathe. So whilst I still want to look half way decent and because with an energetic mini me to tend to I don’t have the time to apply it / nor do I want to spend excessive amount of time applying makeup when I already do so on weekdays. That said concealer is my best friend and I would feel completely lost with out it. Providing I have use of this I am more than happy to face the world with my mommy ‘somewhat sleep deprived’ eye bags well and truly covered.


Lust: What item is at the top of your list?
Again its concealer …. For the reasons described above.

Envy: Which product / look looks great on other but not on you?
Eyeliner. My eyes just do not get the concept of wearing eyeliner well, I just don’t know why? That’s all.


So to spread the tag love Themakeupwhisperer, Mua by Nikki, Amuleta Beauty, Sarah Loves Makeup and by no means least Frostings and Style do fancy joining in? no pressure though here peeps (and providing you haven’t already done this tag). If you do respond to the tag I would love it if you could link your post to mine by way of comment so I can read them.



6 thoughts on “Tag: The 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty

  1. I have done this one already BUT I think it would be fun to do a twist on it with only drugstore as most of what I did last time was higher end. Hmmm got my creative thinking going lol thanks for the nod for sure though!

    • Great thanks again for the tag! Ok thanks for the blusher tip will bear this in mind when I next go shopping as I am growing tired of my existing one 🙂

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