BEAUTY: Eau Thermale – Vichy, Avene…

But it’s not just any type of canned water…. it’s pure water!” I can hear the conversation now and even at aged 30 something the justification of such a purchase to my mother makes me shudder!


I also know if my mother should be reading this now she would be giving me serious side eye to the sheer fact that in her opinion I’m wasting my money on …..canned water!

But my lovelies Eau Thermale…is water in its purest form. Actually it’s ingredient is quite simply Spring Water. I currently have two brands on the go at the minute. No particular reason although I do tend to sway towards the Avene brand more so than Vichy (which I received previously as part of a beauty box subscription). Avene’s Eau Thermale costs around £4 from Boots. So with that said I suppose it’s only right I share how I use ‘said’ pure water.

Uses On The Go:

In the summer a spritz over my face to cool me down..
Or after the gym, once I have showered a spritz on my face and I just let it sit which I find really hydrating.

As a car owner I have been known to pop the hood of my car bonnet and tinker (tinker = check washer fluid levels and fill it or check oil levels and if replace it) I can in no way shape or form add ‘mechanic’ to my resume/CV! however if and when I get caught out and I’m in a rush spritzing this over my grubby hands brings them back to clean again, for that reason I always make sure I have a can in my bag.

For my mini me….as kids go bumps and scraps happen at the park so when my little dear has dirt in a wound or a scrap which needs urgent attention I can wash it clean right then and there….I call it ‘mommy’s magic water’.

Uses At Home:

I also use Eau Thermale as part of my facial care routine, to cleanse my face I either spritz the Eau Thermale over my face following this with a gel based cleanser product and then rinse or I use it to dampen my cotton pad to remove my cream based cleanser ….

It can also be used for:
after anti-acne treatment,
On nappy rash,
On various forms of irritations such as razor burn,
After hair removal

Have you tried any Eau Thermale’s, what do you think ? And how do you use them?



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