LIFESTYLE: Lemon, Honey and Chia Seed Tea

Anyone who knows me, will know Im constantly drinking some sort of tea concoction. By this I mean a green tea or hot water infused with real lemons, with ginger etc etc. I like to look after my insides, and this comes with my borderline obsessive health and fitness ways….

So I got creative on Sunday morning, and experimented with my other holy grail health food product which is Chia Seeds…. These tiny little seeds pack some punch in the health stakes.

Why do I love Chia seeds so much? in summary they:

Help to fight belly fat
Keep diabetes at bay
Contain omega 3 (good fats!)
Contain fibre
Aids stronger teeth and bones
Added protein

Check out this link for more details on the benefits of Chia seeds.

I tend to sprinkle Chia seeds in my porridge, on scrambled eggs or include them in my green smoothies…

So I thought I would share my new tea concoction with you!

To make the tea, for this you’ll need:
– Chia Seeds (from most good health food stores, in the UK try Holland and Barratt)
– One lemon
– Honey (any brand will do!)




So firstly slice your lemon.

Add lemon, honey and chia seeds to your cup


Pour hot water into the cup (I am pretty impressed with my action shot!)



your tea is ready!



Do you have any weird and wonderful healthy tea recipes? I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading


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