BEAUTY: It’s was a lot of FUN. Lush Review

So I never quite know what to buy when I visit a Lush store.

Like most people I am usually drawn to walk into the store by the overwhelming scents from all of the different bath and body products.

A few months ago before Christmas and when on the frantic hunt for Christmas presents, I popped into a Lush store to see if I could spot any stocking fillers that I liked as gifts…… I will be honest, I didn’t however I got talking to one of the assistants about a playdoh almost edible looking product…. It’s name quite simply is FUN.


… “What kind of name is that, what is it? What does it do?” …..I was told essentially it’s like an all purpose soap which can be used to wash with and create bubbles in the bath when held under running water….. “What do you think?” Asked the very enthusiastic and friendly sales assistant. At the time was non impressed probably because my attention had been quickly diverted from looking for presents and talking about something I wasn’t having at that particular moment…. Fun!

I popped into Lush again this week…. And spotted the FUN product again, “is it safe for kids?” …..” yes” I was told by another very friendly sales assistant……so I decided to give it a try and road test it and equally see whether mini-me thought it lived up to the name.



Well I’ll say this! There were DEFINITELY tears before bedtime from mini-me …. Not because she hated it….. Its because she had so much fun (pardon the pun!) using it. So a melt down toddler tantrum erupted in the bathroom, when I advised my little miss that bath time was over – many thanks Lush!

No but seriously mini-me had a great time washing and playing with it in the water. You don’t have to use all of the product at once, just break a piece off and keep the rest wrapped up in its packaging.

It comes in various other colours green, pink, red and yellow, which have different scents and properties. See my picture above, which confirms the properties and ingredients of the blue FUN product.

I bought some other goodies from Lush for mini-me and myself:

Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb for mini me (again recommended safe for kids), great for bedtime baths as it contains lavender to aid with good natural sleep.



Butter Ball Bomb for moi. Moisturising for the skin and contains pieces of cocoa butter.


All in all I would say my trip to Lush on this occasion was a success, I would definitely repurchase Fun and the other bath products, and I’m even tempted to try a few more….

Have you tried FUN? If not do you have any other Lush product recommendations …. I would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading. TTFN!


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