STYLE: The Oscars 2014 – Who… Wore….What?

So I’m sure most of the world tuned into The Oscars last night …..Sadly I didn’t (as I needed an early night last night after a fun filled weekend – more on that later in the week! ) I do hope to catch up on The Oscars later in the week via TiVO.

So who… wore …what ….simply means this evening I have been catching up on The Oscars best dressed list via Styleite and whilst it would be relatively safe for me to write about Lupita N’yongo (who by the way I think pulled off another winner in the style stakes wearing a Prada pastel gown).

I have to talk about another lady who I feel brought about an effortlessness to her attire….. That lady being Anne Hathaway who wore Gucci.


Who doesn’t love Anne Hathaway, I’m probably going to sound really predictable here and say I most loved Anne in her role playing ‘Andi’ the aspiring journalist in the Devil Wears Prada, who ventured into the wonderful world of fashion and landed a job ‘most girls would kill for’ working for the editor in chief of a fashion magazine (played by Meryl Streep). I won’t give you chapter and verse of the film, it’s an adaptation of the Lauren Weisberger novel which has the same name (and which I also think is a great read!)

So any way, as I loved what Anne wore on the red carpet for The Oscars, I thought I would look around for inspiration in stores right now… And at a fraction of the Gucci price tag:


I stumbled upon this Coast Aura Maxi dress currently being sold at Debenhams and on sale now for £156 originally £195.

I think this dress would look lovely when paired with a small black clutch bag and shoes. It’s just a shame I have no swanky evening soirées lined up any time soon! Ah such is life…*sigh*

Who were your style inspirations on The Oscars red carpet last night?

Thanks for reading! N x


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