BEAUTY: A few bargain beauty purchases

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good bargain.

In my capacity as party planning extraordinaire a few weeks ago for my mini-me’s birthday, I went on the hunt for bags of sweets and suitable treats that I could fill party bags with, so I popped into Poundland.

Now I know I’m not the first blogger to share with you that Poundland sell some branded beauty products, as I myself have read on other blogs that Poundland does hold a somewhat mixed selection, with a possibility of finding a good quality branded item here and there dependant on the store visited.

I did …. Look what I found!


All items come contained with a cellophane style bag, so theres no evidence of them being store rejects. I removed the bags for the pictures.

I haven’t yet tested the eyeshadow, although on the back of the packaging it has tips on where to place certain colours around your eyes.


The nail colours I have tried out and have mixed opinions on.

I picked up three colours:


Revlon, Sunshine Sparkle – watery consistency which needs two may be three coats, and I don’t really like the finish or think it suits my skin tone all that well

Rimmell, Right Royal Red – it has a gel like consistency with a one coat and your done, my favourite colour of the bunch.

Rimmell, True Blue – same as above with a gel like consistency with one coat full coverage colour.


So my verdict is for £4, four branded beauty items I’m relatively happy with my choices.

Have you got any bargain beauty purchses to share? I would love to hear them….

Thanks for reading ….TTFN!


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