BEAUTY: SPACENK, Diptyque Purchases

So a spot of retail therapy was to be had at the weekend, and there was no better place to do this than SpaceNK.

SpaceNK in my humble opinion is a place where true luxury beauty products exist. They mostly sell high end beauty items which tend to be a tad pricey…. Pricey but worth it, hence I do often have to stagger my visits there.

So as both my collection of perfumes and candles are dwindling I picked up some suitable items to restock my collection.


Ambre Candle, which has not been burnt yet and will hold pride of place in this little vintage style sweetie jar I have, which sits on my mantel piece. It smell absolutely beautiful unburnt so cannot wait until I do use the candle to have it fill the room with the scent of woods vetiver, patchouli, aniseed, insolent spices, mysterious incense, cistus and Tonka bean – thats quite a mix of scents!



Next purchase was a sales person recommendation, in that I have and still am considering purchasing Dipytque’s Philosykos which every time I go into SpaceNK, I test it ….um and arh…. then some 20 minutes after leaving the store decide I should have purchased it and “I will next time”

So as I was saying the next purchase wasn’t Philosykos, but was rather Eau Moheli, which I had never heard of before in the range. I tested it, and instantly was drawn to it and knew I had to buy it.


I opted for the roller ball style mostly for portability, for use on the go.



I would describe the scent as being warm and floral, what I love most about it is during the day the scent doesn’t fade terribly like other brand perfumes I have tried in the past. I also love the fact that the perfume comes with a little pouch to protect it against damage whilst being carried.


All in all I think my trip to Space NK as always was worthwhile, plus my purchase counts towards my iNdlugence point card balance …. Which is never a Bad thing!

Have you been to Space NK lately, if so what have you purchased? I would love to hear…. Thanks for reading, TTFN!


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