STYLE: Hashtag Normcore, The New Movement!

You tell me?

Reading a copy of Grazia on Saturday I came across an article talking about this new style trend, craze, movement …call it what you like it’s the new style buzz word around the cool kids!

I also researched Vogue online to find out their take on it!

The history of #Normcore according to Vogue, this new styling is born out of William Gibson’s (science fiction writer) first painting which represented the look through one of his characters, which in short was referred to as a functional non descript dresser. Read more here about what Vogue makes of #Normcore.

It seems, no longer is it about flashing labels and dressing like your loaded, actually it’s about non descript un-identifiable bland fashion and bland in a good way … But overstated!

I’m thinking….Is this someone’s sick idea of a joke…. Secretly I like it and think its genius …. Am I weird?

How I would wear #Normcore….

The white trainer (sneaker), which must be whiter than white.

The denim jeans, or should I say the said jean of choice should be a Levi 501…. In my case it would be GAP jeans…..Oooo I love a good pair of straight cut GAP Jeans.

Plain white tee, plain pull over (black, grey, navy) …. Just un-identifiable nothing-ness and sometimes it’s nice just not to be a walking advert for brands!

Here’s some of my Normcore picks…. Which I am going to try not to mention where the clothing is from (although I a sure you can tell where some are from) in keeping with all things #Normcore and the unidentifiable…






Yes I know all very boring and bland looking….

Thanks for reading! x


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