FACE: Tea Tree Skincare from Superdrug

So with the change in seasons (winter to spring, and then spring to hopefully soon summer) and the slightly warmer weather trying to grace a presence in the UK.

I have switched up my facial skin care routine slightly in order to adjust and try to keep at bay the onslaught of spots.

I have previously posted about the staple products here that I like to use which work well on my skin.

I have of late been dealing with some stubborn stress spots which have left the odd blemish (I know it is bad to squeeze spots, I just can’t bear them!!!).

In my teenage years I used to use tea tree oil to banish and eradicate spots, so found myself purchasing these two beauties Tea Tree Skincare Daily Foaming Facial Wash and Tea Tree Skincare blended Oil a good 6 weeks ago and I have been using them ever since – the results …. I have changed skin!


The facial wash is a watery like consistency in the bottle, but comes with a pump style dispenser which dispels the foam tea tree product.



I normally use about three pumps of the dispenser and then set about with a damp face working the product gently into my skin. It’s a really lovely product to use and my face normally starts to lightly tingle, not in an irritating way but more a clean and fresh type way …. If you know what I mean.

Once I feel ready, I rinse and pat my face dry with a soft face towel …. And my oh my does my face feel clean afterwards….Not in a stripped way just very uplifted and fresh!

I use the blended oil for more for stubborn and hormonal/stress type spots …. I use a clean cotton bud (q-tip) add a little oil to the end and gently dab it on to the offending cretin ( I mean spot ).

In a few days the spot either shrinks down or and I’ll spare you the gory details the spot screams for its release (with the tea tree oil merely facilitating it to be less of an ordeal and leaves very little damage to my skin).

So as I said before, I have been using the two for some 6 weeks or so and I’m very pleased with the results. The overall appearance of my face at the end of the day is less of an oil slick especially on my t-zone.

Tea tree oil is a natural anti-bacterial and has many qualities not only for skin care but to assist with treating other ailments.

So I definitely will be continuing use both of these two products especially into and throughout the summer!

Oh before I go, I purchased them both from Superdrug – of which costs in the region of £3 each.

What are your thoughts of products containing Tea tree oil?

Thanks for reading!

N x


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