Lifestyle: Holiday Pictures! Rhodes May 2014

So around this time last month I was full of excitement and anticipation….I was steadily trying to prepare and pack for a holiday, my family and I had planned to visit Greece, Rhodes.

I’m a huge fan of the country Greece, and am fortunate enough to have travelled there on two previous occasions – my first trip was in 2001 to the Island of Kos, some few years later 2006 I went back and visited the Island of Kos so you get my gist I had a long overdue trip to take and opted for the Island of Rhodes (Pefkos) on this occasion.

I have never visited Rhodes (Pefkos) before, however unlike previous trips my family and I were not disappointed. Also this was my mini me’s first trip onboard an aeroplane and she absolutely loved it!

So many people commented to us on the plane both going to the Island and returning home how well behaved she was on the flight – despite my anticipation to expect a child that may test my patience through sheer boredom, thankfully all the items I packed with us in hand luggage (and indeed that she roped me into buying at the airport!) kept my little munchkin well entertained for the full 3 and a bit hours travel time.

So this is going to be a less wordy post, I would like to share with you some pics I took whilst on our travels…. Enjoy!


We stayed at the Pefkos Beach Hotel – a lovely hotel, with friendly staff in a lovely quaint town.




A view over Lindos the local shopping area.




Shopping in Lindos


Cocktail anyone!




Lee Beach, local to the area near our hotel.




Out and about in Rhodes Town


Prasonisi Beach – south of the island, and in need of support to save the beach from demolition / power stations being built over it!




All in all a wonderful holiday, Husb, Mini me and I will definitely be visiting again!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  N x


7 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Holiday Pictures! Rhodes May 2014

  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. I do love Greece as well, its so beautiful and a perfect holiday destination. I still maintain that the trip we took to a little place called Afitos was one of the best breaks we’ve ever had. Making me want to go on holiday!

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