LIFESTYLE: IKEA… Fancy Popping Around For Tea?

Random quick post about a great item I picked up last weekend during a visit to IKEA.

Answers on a post card (no not really) to anyone who can tell me what this is…..I’m sure you can guess by the title of the post.


Its a tea leaf holder (or strainer, infuser however you refer to it)

I’m a big fan of health herbal teas such a green tea, peppermint tea, chai tea etc… although I don’t drink an awful lot of loose leaf tea.

My dad is a little bit of a health nut (yes it runs in the family) and he gave me a bag of loose leaf nettle tea to help relieve my symptoms of hay fever.

I don’t currently own a tea pot shocking I know…. I will get one soon I just haven’t found one which I have fallen in love with yet! Also most of the teas I buy are conveniently placed in tea bags.

I digress, so whilst wondering the aisles of IKEA in awe and wanting everything my eyes came into contact with, I asked a friendly assistant wearing the trademark blue and yellow where the tea leaf strainers/holders were and they lead me to these little beauties!

You get two of these holders within a pack for no more than three gold sterling pound coins…bargain. In my opinion IKEA never disappoints in style and aesthetics.

Instructions on use …. Only according to me though

Place your loose leaf tea (of any kind mine just so happens to be dried nettle) heaped into the holder’s mouth hole thingymajiggy.


Place hot water into your cup, then place the holder to your cup (I’m using my favourite Starbucks New York mug).


Allow the tea to brew for a few minutes.



Ahhhhhhh….. Makes for quite a nice cup of tea without the investment in a teapot for now, or at least until I find a teapot that I like.

Have you picked up any weird but wonderful items from IKEA, I would love to hear what they are and their uses?

Thanks for reading…. N x


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