LIFESTYLE: XENCA Five A Day Plus – Review

I’m a green smoothie addict, if you follow me on Instagram you know this because I generally post my green smoothie creations on my account.

I mentioned in this post, that I purchased the Xenca Five a day+ green food powder as an additional alternative for spinach and kale which I usually add to my green smoothies. 


I have been drinking Xenca Five a day+ with just water (thankfully not a nasty taste, it taste like nothing) and also blended with fruits as a smoothie.


A few great facts about Xenca Five a day+

– Each serving (a teaspoon) is nutritionally equivalent to 5-7 servings of fresh fruit and veg.
– It’s completely natural no colouring, artificial flavouring, added sugar or preservatives.
– It’s packed full of natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants.
– Health benefits claim to boost energy, aid detoxification and improve mental concentration.
– Each serving contains less than 12 calories.

I have been using the Xenca Five a day+ pretty much since I bought it, although in order to see how much difference it made to how I felt, I have stopped and started using it again just to see whether the claims are true ….I’m pleased to say they are! 

I have felt so much more energised and alert at work, less bloated at the end of the evening after dinner, less tired in the morning and craved less rubbish food like cakes and sweets (although that may be psychological!).

Also if like in my house your fruit and veg supplies dwindle down to nothing because it’s all eaten by the end of the week before the next weekly food shop, it’s handy having this in the house to drink so you get your recommended ‘Five a day’.

I would definitely recommend Xenca Five a day+ to anyone who loves green smoothies as much as I do, anyone who struggles to eat fresh fruit on a daily basis either through being to lazy to eat it or just through being so busy…. In my opinion Xenca Five a day+ should be a staple in every home.


I will definitely make an effort to repeat purchase Xenca Five a day+ for me and my family.

Have you tried Xenca Five a day+, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading! 

N x


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