LIFESTYLE: Aladdin – I’m not a disposable bottle!

Another random post, just about a little something I bought recently……A water bottle.

Ok ok I see your bemused look! This is not just any water bottle this is an Aladdin ‘I’m not a disposable water bottle’


Ok jokes aside, I generally drink water although have been a tad lax of late so I’m trying to up my water intake and get back in to a routine.

Water is great for the body and wellbeing, why? – the human body is made up of 50-65% of water depending on your physical make up.  When you start to feel tired, thirsty and sometimes hungry that’s your body becoming dehydrated and requiring a top up.

A few weeks ago I started buying 1.5 or 2 litres of bottled water in the morning on the way to work which is great for two reasons it’s forces me to drink it all despite how busy my day, sitting there on my desk serves as a great visual reminder!

However whilst I don’t begrudge spending a few silver coins for a bottle of water a day…. (That around about  60 pence to be exact) I did the math! During the course of a year I’m looking at a spend of somewhere in the region of £200 on the clear stuff!

So I went on the hunt for a water bottle that was easy to carry, easy to clean and looked nice.

I found said water bottle in TKMAXX for £7.99.

I opted for a water bottle instead of a desk jug, purely because I wanted something I could use in work as well as outside work.  I generally fall into bad habits of not drinking enough water the at weekends.

It’s made by the brand Aladdin, It’s shatterproof, smell proof and stain proof.  It also has ‘I’m not a disposable bottle’ branded on the side a little bit of wit added in there for good measure.




It’s got a wide mouth, easy to pour and drink from, with a very secure flip top.  I bought mine in this lime green colour although they did have other colours too.

The bottle holds 0.7 litres of water, so during the day requires a top up, to ensure I get my required daily amount.  It’s handy and fits the drink holder in my car – what more could I for! 

It’s a worth while investment, and also by using this I feel I’m doing my bit for the environment by reusing one bottle instead of buying a few during the week.

Thanks for reading! 

N x


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