LIFESTYLE: Greek Chia Omelette – Recipe

On my recent holiday I took away with me inspiration to recreate an omelette dish that I enjoyed eating whilst there.

It’s so happened to called a ‘Greek Omelette’, which is basically your traditional omelette recipe with eggs but with added Feta Cheese and Spinach – the one I had also included fresh tomatoes (which I removed because I’m not a fan of fresh tomatoes cooked in food!)

So I have made the Omelette (minus the tomatoes) a few times now, its turned out pretty well. For an added twist I included Chia seeds and black pepper.

To make the omelette here’s what you’ll need:
– a medium sized Frying pan
– metal spatula 
– butter (preferably low fat)
– 2 eggs
– spinach (mine is frozen in the picture, but fresh can also be used) 
– feta cheese
– chia seeds 
– black pepper


To start, add your eggs to a bowl and mix together with a fork until the yolk and the egg white are completely mixed together.

Put your frying pan on a low to medium heat, add a small square of the butter. It only needs to be enough to coat the frying pan.

Pour in egg mixture to your frying pan, which should cover the base of the frying pan.  Leave the mixture to form for about a minute or two. 

Make sure you turn the heat of the cooker down to a very low setting as at this stage it’s about getting the omelette to cook slowly and consistently without burning! 

Next sprinkle on the spinach leaves, about a handful should do it.  Leave the mixture for a further few minutes.


Next crumble about a tablespoon of Feta cheese into the omelette.  Again leave it for a further three to four minutes.  


At this stage use your spatula to gently lift the edges of the omelette to ensuring it’s cooking.


Once you are able to slide the spatula right the way underneath the omelette, it time to flip it.  Only do this step if the omelette is completely formed and in tact, if it’s not then it may well need more time to cook.


Once you have flipped your omelette over using the spatula, leave for one minute, then flip it back.


With your omelette fully cooked, it’s time to remove it from the frying pan and serve onto a plate.


Finally sprinkle chia seeds and pepper to season. I had mine with a green smoothie and a few green grapes – yum!


If you so happen to try this recipe and blog/tweet or Instagram it, feel free to add a link in the comments as I would love to see how it turns out for you!

Thanks for reading…

N x


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