LIFESTYLE: Camping, Glamping and all that Jazz…

Camping who me! Never…. How about Glamping …. Erm …. Well ok then. *said through gritted teeth*

I have never in all of my 30 some years had the experience of sleeping under the stars in the great outdoors.

I got the opportunity to do this a few weeks ago in the name of friendship to celebrate an occasion….

The location was Gospall Park, set in the middle of the North West Leicestershire countryside.


It definitely wasn’t camping…. And was more so Glamping 

Not to patronise you, but in case Glamping is not a term your familiar with here’s the definition:
glamourous + camping = Glamping.

I got the pleasure of sleeping inside a Tipi for the night…. Was I nervous – Absolutely!

I was pleased on arrival to find each Tipi was equipped with a middle eastern style candle lantern, low to the floor single mattresses (very comfy) which I used to lay my sleeping bag on.

Each Tipi sleeps 2 – 4 people, and makes for a very sturdy and cosy dwelling.  There was also electricity supplied to each Tipi which was a super plus for me needing access to my gadgets….




As we were part of group booking, we had access to a central building which had all essential amenities such as clean toilets, clean shower room and clean kitchen with lovely slate tile decor… Being a clean freak (notice the amount of times I said ‘clean’) and somewhat OCD this also made me VERY VERY happy.


The weather was also superb with only a little rain on the morning, the day soon brightened and dried up a treat.


On the evening we headed into local Ashby de la Zouch for dinner, drinks and a natter, I took a wander over the road to take a picture of this amazing monument in the village centre.



I definetly enjoyed my stay here and will definitely go ‘Glamping’ here again next year.

Once I returned home the first thing I headed to was the bath, for a Weleda Citrus bath which was simply divine and the perfect end to a excellent weekend.


Have you been Camping/Glamping?  I would love to hear your experiences.

Thanks for reading …

N x


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