BEAUTY: Weleda Men Intensive Cream and Wild Rose Cream Bath – Review

I’m sharing my love for Weleda again! I just can’t help it….

I was invited to the Weleda Insight Day a month or so ago.

As part of the visit attendees were provided with goodies bags, which I have been steadily working my way through the contents of …. And I gave one of the products to ‘the husb’ to use… the Weleda Mens Intensive cream. I casually left the cream on his nightstand not thinking he would even bat an eye lid, open it and USE IT!

‘The husb’ is your run of the mill man’s man, no way is he into trying out new products don’t get me wrong he has his staple items and that’s that. In fact he quite often rolls his eyes at my sheer joy for finding the latest and greatest nail colour, lipstick etc

Not to make a big thing of the momentous event, this evening I asked ‘the husb’ how he was getting on with the cream …

In his words here’s a few snippets from our conversation:

“I’m shocked with the results I didn’t think I would like it”, “Will definitely buy it again”, “Retains face moisture all day”, “I like the sheen that the cream gives to my face”, “the texture of cream is smooth”, “the smell of the cream is nice” and “This might sound weird the cream has a cooling sensation to the skin after I have shaved”

Not weird at all dear… I’d say it’s a miracle!


The cream contains the following natural ingredients:
Witch hazel, white mallow root, jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter.

On Weleda’s website the Men Intensive Cream costs £13.95

Next up is Weleda’s Wild Rose Cream bath.

I love the pretty and comforting smell this gives my bath, in fact my whole bathroom.

This cream bath smells of roses which I think is a divine smell! Ingredients contained are: organic musk rose oil, jojoba and olive oil.

I have opted to using this when I have one of those days where I need to truly unwind, I have found it has this effect of really chilling me out ready for the land of sleep.

The consistency of the cream bath it looks like milk, it doesn’t foam in the bath, it just turns the water a milky white colour.

Instructions on the bottle advise to use 3-4 capfuls, and when we attended the Insight Day we were recommended to add the bath milk to the water after the bath was filled to get full benefit of the scent.


If I remember rightly this launches next month, I have had a look on the website it isn’t listed so unable to share the price.

What are your favourite Weleda products …. I would love to hear your recommendations.

Thanks for reading…

N x


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