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I finally hit the gym this week (check the proof on my Instagram account!), when I checked my online gym account it said my last previous visit was early JUNE! SAY WHATTTT!!!

Yes it’s true I hit a bit of a fitness slump, it happens to the best of us from time to time…. #nojudgement

The reason for my fitness slump you ask? I had become so accustomed to this routine:
Up at 5am
Press snooze: 505am
Press snooze 5:10am
Press snooze: 5:15am – leap out of bed, heart racing
Bathroom, wash, change into gym clothes …
rushing to check gym bag load into car, work bags, lunch bag… Make lunch, green smoothie to go….Still half alsleep…. Out the door!  

So quite simply I got bored of all the rushing around in the wee hours of the morning, I also think my lack of motivation to workout comes from not having a fitness goal by this I mean -not partaking in any half marathons which I have done every other year for the past few (Birmingham Halfs 2009, 2011 & 2013).

Fitness is in my blood and has always been a part of my life from very young so to keep myself still interested (whilst got I over my allergy to the gym) I sought other ways to keep fit using technology to motivate me:

Xbox One
I am super impressed by the power of the Xbox One. My oh my have things come along way since my very early teens when I was a console owner. I was the proud owner of a Sega Mega System with built in Sonic the Hedgehog game. Not sure what this is…. Google it 🙂

I have been enjoying the wonders ‘our’ Xbox One which has Xbox Fitness, where I am provided with access to a whole host of free and paid interactive fitness videos.



The husb very very very (lots of verys) reluctantly allowed me to set up a profile and switch the thing on without his presence…. with a promise to be careful and leave things as I find them. I have been using Jillian Michaels workouts (my favorite workout being Ripped in 30) and the 10 min Power Yoga.  


Xbox One is it’s fully interactive, you can see a figure of yourself on screen which I believe is due to the sensor which picks up your presence using body heat detection.  


That’s said when you start working out you are given motivational prompts along the way telling you to work harder or which give you a virtual pat on the back when you are perfecting the moves.  

Other than doing Yoga, I can only fit the gym in a couple of days a week before work due to work and family commitments, so the Xbox One will remain a firm favourite of mine to use when life gets too hectic!

You Tube
Ah the wonders of YouTube I could list every workout I so happen to browse  upon, which let’s face it there are load of videos (professional and homemade) available to follow on YouTube.  One of my firm favourites is Blogilates.

Blogilates creator Casey Ho has a really encouraging way to coax me into working out. There are videos on YouTube to follow, the Website also contains all sorts of resources for tips on clean eating, meal plans, recipes and  workout calendars. There is also the app which I have recently downloaded.

Casey also encourages a community spirit for fitness by showcasing ‘before and after’ pics of people who have used her fitness vids and meals plans to adjust to a healthier fitter lifestyle.  If you haven’t checked out Casey’s website, YouTube Videos or App you should! 

Runtastic and Runtastic Pedometer
Both Apps are great!
Runtastic is an app which I have download onto my phone that I use to track my road runs, it uses GPS to detect my location, distance and speed and from this cleverly calculates how many calories I have burnt.  

I’ve used many running apps in my time I find this one extremely easy and trouble free to use…. Best of all its free to download.  You have the option to ‘go pro’ at cost which gives a number of other features such as a voice coach, routes, power song and advanced stats which if I’m honest I have not had a reason to upgrade too at the moment.  Built in social media sharing also gives the ability to link the app with my twitter account (not done this yet) to share running stats – would you be interested to see my running stats on my twitter timeline? 


Runtastic Pedometer counts your steps, which is a motivator in its self if like me you have a job within an office.  I used this very occasionally and more so on my super lazy days!  There is not much else I can say about this app other than it is a pedometer but with a few fancy features, so again worth a look if full on running isn’t your thing.


Its definitely worth using technology to work out, especially when you just don’t feel like going it alone…

How do you like to use technology to keep fit? I would be interested to hear of any fitness apps, websites, gadgets or gizmos that you are currently using?

Thanks for reading.

N x


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