BEAUTY: Beauty Bits – Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret….

My mom recently returned from her summer holiday, where she visited Florida, whilst out there we remained in contact thanks to good old trusty Skype.

As my mom and I usually do when travelling abroad we always ask if there is anything we would like as a present to bring home.

I had a kid in the candy store moment for a second…. Until I remembered it was my mom on holiday and not me.

I sent my mom a modest list and here’s what she brought me back! 

Victoria Secret, Fresh Body Mist

Its a light, fresh and fruity in scent.  I checked the website site which confirms the scent is a blend of red berries, rose and creme brûlée.  The bottle although plastic is also very girly with the bow detailing. Can’t wait to start using this!

Bath and Body Works – Forever Midnight Shower Gel and Body Cream.  

Both very rich scented products with hints of Plum Nectar,  Jasmine, Vanilla and Caramel Liqueur.  They both smell heavenly the cream especially so.  I will look forward to using this more so on occasions rather than everyday due to the product contents.  I have tried the cream on the back of my hand, it sinks nicely into the skin but doesn’t leave lasting moisture from what I can tell, although the fragrance only after using a little lingers – which isn’t a bad thing! 

Bath and Body Works – Fresh Picked.

The candles are scented Eucalyptus – perfect for burning in the bathroom or kitchen, as it smells clean and minty.  Heirloom Pumpkin – think cold winter nights, warmth and being cosy because this is what this candle smells like.  It’s very sweet and ‘foody’ and smells like a warm fruit pie or crumble.
The Apple Handwash is a gentle foaming hand wash quite simply it smells just as the packaging describes, like apples! 

Bath and Body Works – Mad About You and Beautiful Day


These products were part of an add on purchase (for a few extra dollars spent my mom received extra products), some of which were shared with me.  Again lovely products which I have not yet tried out and will most likely be used for visits to the gym, so they will come in handy! 

Lastly a bit of a random one but my mom knows me so well (of course) she brought me back some Incense sticks from a company called Wildberry – as she knows what an incense burning yogi I am!

They are a random sample of different scents so I am unable to tell you what each one is. They are fresh hand dipped superior grade, and according to the packaging Wildberry have been hand-making these incense sticks since 1971. I have been burning them since my mom got back, they give such a relaxing vibe to my home by the end of a busy day – I love them.

So that concludes today’s post I hope you enjoyed it – I personally love seeing what beauty bits people have bought please feel free to share, also what are your favourite Victoria Secret or Bath and Body Works products.

Thanks for reading …

N x


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