LIFESTYLE: Attack of the ’30 life’ crisis?

Your born, you go to school, maybe college or uni, you get a good job, you work really hard, have nice holidays, buy nice things, settle down possibly get married, buy a house, have kids….that’s life! 

Well actually no it isn’t.

More and more people I know are ditching the safety net of ‘predictable’ life and reaching far and wide fulfilling their career dreams and working to make them a reality.

Generally people in their 50’s are tagged with hitting a ‘mid life crisis’ when they are perceived as taking their ‘normal’ ‘predictable’ life off course and doing something else spontaneous such as buying their dream car (eg open top convertible) or making some other sort of life changing decision.

This got me thinking the other day….what makes people in my age group suddenly throw caution to the wind in these economic times, take a diversion and go off course in search of something else…..something more fulfilling?

Some may say this is due to ‘burnout’, working long hours with no work life balance….is it the ‘attack’ of the 30 life crisis?

I have the pleasure of knowing an aspiring singer and aspiring / new business owners, writers – all of whom have ditched normal life in favour of choosing their destiny and working really hard to achieve it.

Despite maintaining a full time job (which I really enjoy!) I’m on a similar unpredictable journey with my hobbies. I started one of my hobbies, my blog some 8 months ago I’m enjoying the connections I’m making and whilst my page views arent the highest at the moment I’m really appreciative that I have anyone at all reading what I have to say!  I also have other aspirations that I want to achieve and will start over the next few months working to achieve them – just to mix life up a bit!

The purpose of this post really is to say I have massive respect for those people and wish them every success!  I also wanted to say to anyone else reluctant to make the steps to changing your life and career path whether this is in small baby steps (like me) or full speed ahead – DO IT!  

I have learnt a lot observing the people around me and what is common with all of them, they have a plan…

1. Savings: Save money and cut out any unnecessary spend, especially where your change means a possible reduction to income whilst you establish yourself.

2. Lists: Jot down and list the steps you need to take in order to make the change ( e.g. Myself, I tend to refer back to and update my New Years resolutions thoughout the year).  However that said if your change is more immediate or has a bigger impact then referring to your list should be done more often.

3. Change your habits: Assess whether you can make the change now or whether something needs to give in order reach the end game (e.g. Shopping every Saturday for clothes, dining out 2-3 times a week). Is this a productive use of your time?

4. Copying: Be on your own journey, at your own pace, don’t copy, be unique – however if there are people in your chosen industry who you take insipiration from don’t be afraid to ask advice.

5. Go for it! Providing you have the bandwidth to make the change DO IT! 

Thanks for reading….

 N x


4 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE: Attack of the ’30 life’ crisis?

    • Probably 🙂 the fact that you did it is fab! … I’m sure you’ll agree, whatever age …Life’s too short to be unhappy especially at work and where work tends to be the place we spend the most time xx

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