FACE: Seventeen Falsifeye HDI Mascara – REVIEW

I think I’m about overdue to write another mascara review…

So here it is…


I was all set to write about the Seventeen Falsifeye HDI mascara (by Boots) to tell you how awful I initially thought it was, however days after using it my opinions have somewhat changed.

Here’s my before eyelash deprived pics:



Here’s how my eyelashes look after I have used the mascara – Boom! 



So for the first few days of using the mascara, I can say I wasn’t that impressed I thought the wand bristles were too short and didn’t do well to grip and coat my short eyelashes. 



Days after I think it’s doing a good job, this may be due to the fact that I feel the mascara needs some time to ‘wear in’ and for the formulation to thicken up a little through use.

The mascara cost me £4.99 to buy, this was the introductory price. I think it will probably cost a few  pounds more, maybe in the region of £6-7 once the promotion ends.

I’m not sure if I would buy the mascara again, main reason being for the time it took for me to feel happy with its results.

The mascara does do a good job at extending the look of the lashes, however I do feel I needed to build up to this with a fair few strokes of the wand to get the ‘Falsifeye’ or ‘HDI’ effect… Which if I’m in a rush takes this busy working mama time, time which is so precious in the morning – no bueno! 



Maybe for those blessed with longer lashes it may suit you better – Does it, let me know? 

Thanks for reading…

N x


4 thoughts on “FACE: Seventeen Falsifeye HDI Mascara – REVIEW

    • I do like it but it just didn’t wow me…yes the brush is plastic which I’m not sure the plastic ones suit me – remember I’m eye lash deprived! I must give the Bourjois one a try…. Thanks for the recommend….There you go again enabling me! Lol 😀

  1. I bought this after hearing gossmakeupartist’s review. At first I mistakenly got it in brown/black which of course did not show up on my black lashes so I bought it again in blackest black … My first impression were ‘blah’ but I do think I need to have more time to work with it. I’m not a mascara person so I rarely test out all my different mascaras (usually stick to one). I think I’ll need to revisit this again by now its definitely thickened up 🙂

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