LIFESTYLE: Overnight Oats with a coconut twist!

After the festivities of my birthday and slight fitness slow down, I am steadily making the needed adjustments to get myself back on track from a health and fitness perspective.

I intend to share soon how I do this, but to let you know briefly. I make small gradually changes to my food choices over time and workout rather than going on a restrictive diet that punishes me with cutting out every food group known to woman or man!….

….reason being I’m bound to rebel and quite simply!

If you follow me on twitter/Instagram I’m a massive fan of green smoothies, whilst I am not giving up on my green goodness I have needed to find other healthy alternatives for the morning time as I think my metabolism gets a little bored with the same thing each morning.

I have started to introduce overnight oats into my breakfast routine, it’s super quick to make and there are loads of recipes on the interwebnet.

I love the fact I can make the oats in the evening and take it with me to go to work in the morning …just as I would a green smoothie. Time is so precious in the mornings!

I am not a huge fan of milk and more so opt for rice milk or oat milk, so I was super pleased to find Alpro make a coconut rice milk drink! I love the smell and taste of coconuts!

I decided to give this a whirl in my overnight oats, here is my recipe:

Here’s what I use:
Oats (I’m trying out a new brand – MornFlake, however I usually use Holland and Barratt’s gluten free own brand)
Greek style honey yogurt
Organic raisins
Alpro’s Coconut Rice Milk
A medium sized plastic container with lid
1 large spoon
1 fork
1 small dish or bowl


Add oats to the plastic container, enough to cover to bottom


Add 3 heaped tablespoons of the Greek Style honey yogurt to the oats


Pour in some of the Alpro coconut rice milk to the oats, and yogurt and then using the spoon stir it all together



Add raisins to the oats mixture


Chop up the banana and then mash it up using a small bowl or dish with the fork



Add the mashed banana to the oats mixture, stir it gently all together and then cover with a plastic container and put it in the fridge overnight.


* I added mixed spices to my oats for an extra kick!


In the morning give the oats mixture a little stir. You can either eat the oats cold or I prefer to warm it up a little in the microwave, by doing this it releases the gorgeous coconut smell and flavour!

By eating this in the morning, I find it curbs my hunger until lunch time as it’s really filling!

If you give this overnight oats recipe a try, feel free to share in the comments below to let me know what you think?

Thanks for reading …

N x


4 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE: Overnight Oats with a coconut twist!

    • I know I am a cake rebel at heart! Lol literally takes less than 10 mins to make. Re the blog meet no unfortunately I was a little late in applying (if we are talking about the same one – it was for up to 20 bloggers to attend?) if not let me know. Ps We must try and meet up soon for a shopping trip šŸ˜‰

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