FACE: Ready for Autumn? Laura Mercier Lip Crayon Review

Has anyone noticed its started getting a little chilly in the UK?

It’s safe to say we’ve had a pretty awesome summer in the UK this year, whilst we might still be in the midst the summer – the seasons are starting to change?

By 9pm darkness is starting to creep in. It’s getting a tad chiller of an evening (or is it just me that is super sensitive to feeling cold!).
I wake up super early of a morning during weekdays, and have noticed 5-6am hasn’t fully broken into full daylight – which could be the reason for my latest episodes of pressing the snooze button far too many times before peeling myself out of bed…. Autumn is coming!

My close friends know I love autumn a whole lot, because I feel it’s when of all the seasons, nature really puts on a dramatic show – picture yourself in a park on an autumn day, think leaves shedding on mass from the trees, conkers, burnt orange leaves with a warm but crisp chill to the air.

I digress…

I picked up a bargain-a-cious purchase from the SpaceNK sale recently which is going to autumn-nify me!



Laura Mercier Lip Crayon in The colour ‘Burnt Clay’.


It’s not normally a colour I go for, so a bit of a tester purchase being that it wasnt overly expensive.


Ooooh I do like it…. I like it a lot.  The lip crayon gives a lasting, moisturising finish and best of all it’s not too dark which I think would have hardened the appearance of my face. The lip crayon has a lot of sheen and a pearlised appearance when applied.


Oh I forget to mention the price, a mere £4 …. Yes you heard me £4 for this little beauty…. It’s normally sold for the £16.50. Like I said earlier bargain-a-cious!

Have you tried any other Lip Crayon shades from Laura Mercier – let me know which ones are your favourite?

Thanks for reading ….

N x


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