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September came with a bang and now were officially in leaf tumbling season, I love this time of year!

I have been taking some quiet time for a few days, to be honest I have been a little preoccupied and consumed with everything going on in the news lately …. (From the issues which have been occurring in Ferguson in the US, to political situations and but not least the plight of Ashya King’s parents and their bid to get their son emergency proton beam radiotherapy treatment to treat his brain tumour!) if I’m honest it’s diverted my attention away from everything style, beauty and sparkle and really got me thinking about lot.  I won’t delve any deeper with my thoughts at this point …

I’m back now!  I feel like I have worked extra hard this week, so on a random lunch break yesterday I took to ‘UK bloggers haven’ on the high street and visited Boots….


Here’s what I picked up:

Collection Extreme liner – £2.99

I’m a big fan of this eyeliner for a few reasons it’s so well priced, it’s cheap and it gives great winged lined eye precision that lasts all day.


Barry M Lip gloss – £4.49 (currently on offer ‘Buy one get one half price’)

I bought shades number 2 which is like sweet toffee in appearance and scent, I also bought the shade number11 which is a coral pink gloss which smells uber tropical on application.  Both glosses for my skin tone give lovely moisturised coverage to the lips.  These lip glosses could pass as possible dupes for the Soap and Glory lip glosses but minus the ‘plumping’ effect.


Natural Collection Bronzer –  £1.99

Now I don’t know about you whilst I’m ready to welcome autumn and winter into my life I’m not quite ready for the change it brings to the appearance of my skin.  I want to keep the glow … You know?!  So I thought a light dab and dusting of a bronzer should be just what will help.  I have not tried this brand before, the swatch leaves a nice light finish which is shimmery but not so much that it looks like I dipped myself in the glitter box in my kiddo’s craft supplies.


Weleda Calendula Lotion (for kiddo) – £5.29 (offer save a 1/3 usually £7.95)

I’m a big fan of Weleda… Read why here.


Weleda Weather Protection cream (for kiddo) – £4.63 (offer save a 1/3 usually £6.95)

Not so much for use right now however in the mid bleak winter, kiddo’s skin can get unbelievably dry.  So I’m confident this cream will give her the much needed hydration and moisture that the skins needs.  Weleda uses only 100% natural ingredients this one again contains Calendula.


Earth Friendly Baby Shampoo and Bodywash (for kiddo) – £2.83 (usually £4.25)

I haven’t used this brand before but when I saw it is made by Lansinoh, it’s won a Mother and Baby gold award, has 99.2% of ingredients from natural origin and 50.1% ingredients from organic farming and not to mention no Parabens, SLS and other nasties it quite obviously won me over! 


So that concludes everything I bought, I would love to hear what beauty bits you have recently picked up as I’m always on the look out for new things to try! 

Thanks for reading….

N x


2 thoughts on “BEAUTY | Boots Beauty Haul

  1. I had a couple of Barry M lip Glosses. I don’t really like lip gloss but they were ok if I remember correctly. They smelt nice and lasted ok but were too sticky for me.

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