FACE | G.Baldwins Natural Skincare – Review

Ok so I’m not sure what planet I have been on, and how on earth I hadn’t found out about – G.Baldwins & Co before….I’m just glad I know now.

I am always keen to seek out companies that sell natural skin care due to the long term benefits they provide.

G.Baldwins & Co has an online store and a store in London, which happens to be one of the oldest and most established herbalists. They sell their own products as well as an extensive list of other natural skin care brands, aromatherapy oils, supplements, food, drink and household items – so it’s on my must visit list for when I’m next in the capital!

I’m giving a couple of items a try to assist to my recent woes of my problematics skin.


Pomegranate, Bilberry and Rose cleanser* with White Clay, Papaya and Passion Seed Oil.


This cleanser is very rich and very creamy, you only need one pump which you work into your face before removing either with a warm cloth or by washing off with warm water. On the bottle it confirms the ingredients are a blend of kaolin ( which happens to be great for acne, inflammation and has been used by many for years), papaya and extracts of red clover to assist with removing daily face grime, excess oils and makeup to leave the face radiant and bright – I have high hopes! Once the product is removed my skin is left with a moisturised feel and so hence the next product is appropriate with helping to remove any residue.


Pomegranate, Bilberry and Rose Floral Waters* with Cucumber and Aloe Vera.


Essentially this is a clear water like solution which I use after removal of the cleanser. With a little applied to a cotton pad, I apply to my face with a gentle sweeping motion. On the bottle its confirms the ingredients are aloe vera juice, extracts of cucumber and organic witch hazel which is supposed to leave the face feeling fresh and naturally moisturised. I can say it does I also experienced a slight tingling sensation after use the first time around.


Both products smell absolutely heavenly!  I really love the smell of Rose in skin care, and find that both products do well with not being too overpowering, it’s just more of a luxurious spa like scent.

The packaging is different to a lot of brands out there at the moment, it’s very distinctive and really sets them apart from the rest and really looks great in my bathroom.

It’s very early days for me using both products, in the first few days so far I have had no negative effects.

As you have become customed to, I will share a Part 2 post in a couple if weeks time to let you know results on my skin and my final feelings of both products overall.

If you have visited G.Baldwins & Co either in-store or via the website, I would love to hear what your favourite products are?

Thanks for reading.

N x

*Products were sent to me for review, opinions are honest and my own.


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