BEAUTY | Fashion Fair Calming Lavender Moisturising Body Set

I’m one of those people who never wins a competition.  Really…. I sincerely mean this, so despite my ‘non winner tendancies’ I still tried my luck at a recent competition held by the brand Fashion Fair on Instagram a few weeks ago….. Call it luck, but …….I won!

The prize I won was the French Riviera Blue – Calming Lavender Moisturising Body Set.


Contained within the package I received the Lavender cream and oil.  Both products came packaged within a very sturdy gift box which has a picture on the front one can only assume is a shot of the French Riviera – perhaps?

The design of the packaging is simple – silver and white, with the actual product held within a round plastic pot container for the cream and a slim bottle for the oil.

The cream consistency is similar to that of whipped cream just a tad thicker, with more muted floral undertones of the lavender scent. The cream applies nice and smoothly to the skin, feels moisturising but not overly so.  This is definitely geared at being the daytime product, as the scent is not to overpowering to be worn throughout the day.


Next is the oil …. which quite frankly is an oil but with a very distinct and powerful scent of Lavender.  I have used this after a bath on damp skin, the oil is extremely moisturising and feels very luxurious.  Lavender is known for aiding calm and inducing restful sleep …..which is exactly what this oil did! 


If you don’t know of Fashion Fair, they are a brand synonymous with providing beauty products for women of colour, created by the late Eunice W Johnson.  Fashion Fair produce an extensive range of foundations to concealers to lipsticks etc in all shades.

I have a slightly sentimental connection with Fashion Fair, in that the brand reminds me of my mother. In the late 80’s to early 90’s she used to work for Fashion Fair as an advisor on their beauty counter in a well known department store.  I grew up with the brand in our household and was familiar with what was then the famous pink and gold packaging …. I still have a ‘vintage’ Fashion Fair eye ‘shading’ brush, given to me many years ago by my mother….#Collectors item.


Over the years it has been amazing to see how much Fashior Fair have done to bring their brand presence in line with and still up there amongst other well known high end beauty brands.

If your a woman of colour (or not) and interested in checking out Fashion Fair’s products they can be found in House of Fraser and now in some larger Boots stores.

Have you tried Fashion Fair products? I would love to hear your favourites.

Thanks for reading…

 N x


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