FACE | By Terry Cover Expert Foundation – Review

I picked up a new foundation a few months ago whilst browsing the SpaceNK website.  

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular however the word SALE does enable the involuntary action for me to reach into my purse for my debit card…and…. purchase.



The foundation is By Terry Cover Expert in the shade ’13 – Intense Brown’



There is always a natural hesitation I hear about in other beauty bloggers when buying foundation products online, I am no different. The obvious reasons being – an inability to test out the product, purchasing the foundation only to find it is too light or too dark which results in unused product and wasted money.

I took to all my usual haunts such as YouTube, Google to see what other people were saying about the foundation, to be honest there were not very many reviews, I only found a couple of hand swatch pictures …. 

I decided to take the plunge, the main reason being the product was reduced in price to £11 instead of the usual £45!

I took advantage of Space NK’s click and collect service and received it after a week or so.

The product comes packaged within a dark purple and sliver box and plastic squeezy tube.  I like the tube because it gives more control over how much product you want to apply.

The foundation claims:
“Well covering and ultra-smoothing correcting foundation adjusts to the skin to reveal a flawless complextion with a velvet and natural finish”

“It erases imperfections, blemishes, signs of ageing and adapts automatically to all complextions”

“High performance ‘zero imperfection” properties, a matte powder but non drying glide on texture and a hydra-pumping comfortable feel, it evens out the face with no heavy feel to reveal perfect, radiant and bright complexion”




I applied the foundation using my Real Techniques buffing brush and I can honest say relief hit me instantly, I picked the perfect shade for my skin tone and the foundation actually does what it says.






This is definitely a high end foundation one which I wouldn’t wear every day to work, as I felt whilst the foundation did a good job with smoothing and blurring any imperfections it does give my face a made up look which surprisingly didn’t weigh heavy on my skin.

The foundation lasts well all day, I tested it more so for it’s lasting power at a wedding I attended a couple of weeks ago.  

What I love most about the foundation formulation is the smooth shimmer it leaves on my skin.

If you haven’t tried By Terry Cover Expert foundation before, it’s worth a try especially if you like a photo finish face. There’s no doubt you do get what you pay for with this foundation!

If you have tried any other BY Terry products, feel free to share your favourites.

Thanks for reading…

N x


2 thoughts on “FACE | By Terry Cover Expert Foundation – Review

  1. £11?!?! That is literally an insane bargain. I had no idea their sales were that good at Space NK! Product looks beaut. There’s a website I’ve found that’s really useful when you want to buy foundation online. Its called ‘Findation’. You type your shade in with a product you know, like, Mac Studio Fix NC25 or whatever, and it uses that to match you with all other brands and products. You can even get it to email you a list of all your matches. It has most brands on there. Genius! x

    Sarah | seriouslyshallow.co.uk

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