FACE | G.Baldwins Natural Skincare – Part 2 Review

It’s been just over of month of using the *G.Baldwins Pomergranate, Bilberry and Rose Cleanser and Floral water, which is perfect timing to follow up and share how well I have been getting on with the products.


If you wanted to read my initial thoughts, you can do so here.

Due to the mesmerising scent of the cleanser, it was especially addictive and for this reason I took to using it pretty much every day for about 10 days straight. If I’m honest due to the richness of the product this was too much for my skin.

I have oily to combination skin, and at the time my skin was going through its own little situation of breakouts (I have since found this was mainly because I wasn’t drinking enough water).  I tailed back use of the cleanser to 2 to 3 times per week instead of every day, following this up with use of the Floral Water.

I changed the way I used the product I initially applied it to my damp face, worked it in with gentle circular motions and then rinsed it off.  Again I don’t think my skin really did benefited from this.  I adjusted – having my shower first, whilst allowing the steam from the shower to open my pores, straight after my shower I apply the cleanser to my ‘steam’ damp face, working it in with circular motions and then with a warm damp muslin cloth removed the cleanser with gentle circular motions.  Following this up with use of the Floral Water on a few cotton pads to freshen my face and remove any residue.

The overall appearance of my face feels a lot more smooth, balanced and my breakouts are now minimised and less angry – I might add not wholly down to these products however I do feel they have helped alongside increasing my water intake.  I also love the fact that the products are natural so the lasting benefits are definitely worthwhile for the skin cells!

Would I buy the products again?
A definite yes to the cleanser, the scent of the cleanser (as previously mentioned) is divine.  The Floral Water scent I’m not so sure of? I am also running out of the Floral Water a lot quicker than the cleanser mainly due to my heavy handed-ness!

G.Baldwins also sent me a lovely cloth tote bag with my products, I posted this picture on Instagram….


I have been using it to carry my yoga mat and clothes to my Yoga classes, super handy for storing sweaty yoga clothing after class too, and when I done I am able to give it a wash – Eco Friendly!

I have been eyeing up a few other products on the G.Baldwins website, so stay tuned for some other purchases I plan to share soon!

Have you got any top picks from G.Baldwins, I would love to hear your recommendations?

Thanks for reading…

N x

*Products sent to me for review, all opinions are honest and my own


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