STYLE | Gap Kids Sale Purchases

I absolutely love shopping for my kiddo!

As she continues to grow, it tends to be the weekend and preschool clothing that needs replacing quicker than anything. 

We try to keep in simple …. Tops, leggings, jeans, joggers oh and denim, good ole trusty denim is so hard wearing so we tend to get skirts, dungarees, jeans etc. 

I like to dress kiddo in all colours, although quite obviously pink is her favourite colour! I think I may have watched to many re-runs of ‘Mean Girls’ whilst pregnant perhaps…?

Anyway, we had a fab time in Gap yesterday (Saturday), after I had given up all hope of getting anything for myself read more about that here.

Gap have a sale on too, here’s what we picked up:


All items, with the added 20% off sale items came to a mere £13 and some pence…Say what…!!!!!

Parents get yourself down to Gap kids for a bargain! 

Thanks for reading ….

 N x


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