LIFESTYLE | New York Diaries – Day 1

This time last week I was on a plane….on a plane to the Big Apple!

Over the next few days, I will be sharing a four part blog post on my adventures in New York ….

Welcome Back! Sunday 16th Nov

I always love travelling back to NYC, I’m always full of anticipation as to how much the city might have changed since my last visit ….


Despite being seated apart from my bestie, the flight was positively one of the best journeys out there. We travelled with United airlines and were fed, watered and entertained with in flight movies so the time flew by!

We arrived into Newark airport which again I have never done before – normally JFK and our checkin process was quick and smooth….

We found our driver to take us to the Salisbury hotel (we have stayed at the Salisbury hotel once before, its clean and conveniently located to 5th Avenue, Times Square to name a few popular destinations).


We checked in, dumped our bags in the room and off out we went exploring…


The first mission in NYC was operation ‘buy a new coat’.

Both the bestie and I travelled light and as the weather at this time of year can be unpredictable we scoured a few shops…


Macy’s, Urban Outfitters and of course Zara which by the way didn’t disappoint we both pick up a coat each.

Tiredness kicked is so on a slow walk back to the hotel we stopped by a local deli and picked up a couple of pizzas and cupcakes – yum!

Stay tuned for Day 2, New York Diaries post.

Thanks for reading ….

N x


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