LIFESTYLE | New York Diaries – Day 3

Sunny chilly NYC days, Tuesday 18th Nov: Well rested on day three we finally woke to sunshine…

Oh boy how I missed the New York sunshine to brighten the place up, it was also a chance to don my shades like a real New Yorker.

After stopping by Starbucks for breakfast conveniently placed across the street from our hotel, we were women with a plan, opting for a change of scenery we decided to descend on the Soho area which happens to be my more favourite parts of the island.



We hailed a cab which took us to Green Street for a browse around where most of the boutique stores reside. Most shops don’t open in the Soho until 10-11am so we stopped by a coffee shop (which I didn’t get the name of because it was so cold!) I had some ginger tea.




We continued having a wander around the cobbled streets and visited Old Navy, Brandy Melville and then on to one of my favourite stores that I always visit – Anthropologie. Where I picked up a few items …


We just so happened to stumble upon the Birch Box store – which I hadn’t realised was so near!





The BirchbBox store is absolutely gorgeous…As a previous subscriber of this box It was nice to be able to see some of the brands which have appeared in the box, the Birchbox store houses all of the full sized favourites for purchase.


Towards the back of the store you are able to put together your own box for a mere $15…. I purchased one – I will share more of what I got in the box in another post.

We continued to wonder until we found ourselves near NYU and Union Sq whilst I have been here before we took a few pictures – this is one of my favourite wide open spaces in the city.




The winds picked up pace so we hailed another cab and took a drive down to Macy’s for another mooch as our first visit was so quick.



The Christmas displays in Macy’s were overtop but fabulous, unfortunately I didn’t find anything to purchase in Macy’s as in all honesty the store has changed quite a bit, the clothing and shoe department seemed somewhat lacking …

Onwards to Urban outfitters, we spent quite a bit of time in the store I picked up some new boots from the brand Hudson and then it was literally time to call it a day we were super tired… Taxi!

Yet another Cab hailed (I was getting good at this!) we grabbed some food locally and headed back to the hotel.

The (Final) day 4 of New York diaries will be posted on Saturday…

Thanks for reading ….

N x


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