Thankyou 2014 / Welcome 2015

I have been having a little break over the past few weeks hence the lack of posts, but thought it necessary to check in on the eve of another New Year.

I started this blog as a hobby and whilst it still remains so I didn’t imagine anyone would be remotely interested in what I have to say? I know most bloggers say this – but I really didn’t..

Every ‘ding’ notification sound from my iPad or phone when someone has either liked a post or comments still fills me with the same excitement on day one of my blog and never grows old…

I have had some great experiences over the past year, met and connected with some lovely people, connected with some lovely and generous brands – long may this continue!

So to you lovely people who receive my posts by email, are subscribed via WP or if you happen to check in only from time to time – a big THANK YOU for the continue support!

I know I am not the most consistent with posting, this is mainly due to me wanting posts to be interesting to read… Also life ‘paid job’ and ‘family life’ gets busy sometimes.

I am full of anticipation for a positive year for 2015, to keep things fresh on the blog there will be a few subtle changes (don’t worry there will still be style, beauty and lifestyle posts) …

Happy New Year all!

Thanks …as always for reading …

N x


4 thoughts on “Thankyou 2014 / Welcome 2015

  1. Super like! Your blog is always a great read and I feel lucky to have met you in person. Not least because I’m pretty obsessed with your style! Here’s hoping our paths cross at some 2015 meets. 🙂 xx

    Sarah |

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