LIFESTYLE: Kale Crisps Recipe

What a chilly Saturday, I spent most of the day yesterday indoors apart from a visit to ballet with kiddo …. It was so chilly.

Whilst indoors the tendency to graze on food items seemed never ending especially after collection of a food grocery order.

I figured if I was going to graze it’s going to be with the good stuff! *reaches for* Kale!

I absolutely love Kale, usually I only have used it in green smoothies, however I got chatting to someone at my local yoga studio around Christmas time, we shared a common interest in making healthy food and she mentioned she makes her own Kale crisps … then a week ago whilst grabbing lunch from Pret I noticed … Yes you name it Kale Crisps! I took this as a sign.

I tried out making my own after I got chatting to @tescofoodies on Twitter where I mentioned said subject and was recommended a drizzle of honey goes nicely with them!

Here’s what I used to make them:

Parchment paper
Kale (pre washed)
Coconut Oil
Coarse Sea Salt
Baking tray
Large spoon
Table spoon

Here’s how I made them:
Pre heat your oven and line the baking tray with the parchment paper.

Add as much Kale as you like to the tray, take a minute to spread it out and then begin to remove any stalks

Once all stalks are removed, I used my table spoon to drizzle 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil evenly over the Kale. My coconut oil was a little solid so I gave it a 30 second nuke in the microwave to liquefy it.


Next I took the honey and drizzled 2-3 tablespoon over the Kale and then lastly sprinkled a tiny bit of the Coarse Sea Salt over the kale.

With my oven now at gas mark 4, I put my baking tray with seasoned kale in the oven.

I left the Kale in the oven for about 20-25 minutes and checked it twice, giving the kale leaves a bit of a flip so they cooked evenly.

Once done they were crispy to touch and delicious! Once cooled I have added them to a plastic container.

What tasty healthy treats do you like grazing on? Feel free to share your recipes.

Thanks for reading…

N x


2 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE: Kale Crisps Recipe

  1. Definitely will try this recipe. I love Pret’s Kale crisp + their cheesy cheddar and parsnips/sweet potato and beetroot crisps *divine*. Yet I’m kinda going on a making more of my own food health bender so this recipe will come in handy. Thanks for posting :)!!

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