FACE | Makeup Revolution London Argan Lipstick

Another day another beauty purchase! This time an Argan Lipstick from Makeup Revolution London which I purchased in SuperDrug.

A dual layer lipstick which is a combination of an argan moisturiser on the outside and lip colour enclosed within.

I chose a pink shade ‘Love Pink’, however there are other colours available.


This range of lipsticks is very similar to Maybeline Baby lips or Revlon lip butters.

This lipstick is not quite a lipstick or lip balm, however gives a very light coverage with a good few hours moisture.

I have been wearing this lipstick for the past few weeks to work, it is perfect for the barely there daytime look, and gives just the right amount of colour.

The lipstick costs £3 which I think is perfectly priced, I can’t wait to give the other colours a try!

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution London Argan Lipsticks – which shade is your favourite?

Thanks for reading ….

N x


8 thoughts on “FACE | Makeup Revolution London Argan Lipstick

  1. Beautiful colour….how on earth have I missed these? I thought I knew it all Makeup Rev-wise (a little obsessed) but I hadn’t seen these and they look amazing. Thanks for sharing, I know what I’ll be adding to my next order. Soooo much love for this brand xx

    Sarah | http://www.nouvellenoire.co.uk (previously SeriouslyShallow)

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