Lifestyle | Good intentions vs Finding a balance

Wow is it really the end of February already!

I started the New Year as many of us do with good intentions however in my personal life I’m working on making a major change which if honest has taken up more time and energy during some of my evenings … No actually ….If I phrase it right, has ‘consumed’ more time and energy leaving nothing left for my poor little blog.

The usual focus on family life never waivers …. To be frank it just can’t, I have also been investing more time and energy in yoga something I’m very passionate about but very seldom share anything of on my blog. I have switched up the routine attending my local studio more often and doing early morning practice when I can’t get to class… I know it all just sounds like a bunch of excuses … It so happens to be my reality at the moment!

If honest I just need to organise my time better, something I don’t normally struggle with at the day job – however the dilemma Im working on is: organising my time when I feel I have very little time in the first ?

I plan to fix it and with time I’m confident I will be back in the swing of things.

So this was just a quick post to say to my current readers, thanks for sticking with me there will be some regular posts coming soon! I have been trying out new stuff in amidst my blog silence.

Bear with me …. As always, thanks for reading….

N x


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