LIFESTYLE : Liforme Yoga Mat – Part 1

A yoga mat for £100.  

Who really can justify a yoga mat for £100…. Erm ….. Me (sheepish voice).  Call it stupidity… I call it dedication! 


A decision I pondered over for a good 6 months before I took the plunge.

The yoga mat I’m referring to is the Liforme Yoga Mat which is used by some of my favourite yoga teachers both at home and afar – which ok if you see you favourite yoga teachers using the mats on YouTube, Instagram and in class, they have to some good… No? 

Whether a Yoga teacher buy the mats using their own funds or are sent them to promote, the fact is for me it was a good selling…

I did search quite thoroughly on Google to see whether there were any other reviewer opinions… Less than a handful. I went to Liforme’s Twitter endless tweets with lots of seemingly satisfied customers who had nothing but good to say!

Then it happened … I take it as a sign, my local yoga studio had the mats available and were taking orders with a discretionary £5 discount.  I did the math saving money on potential delivey cost, plus the £5 discount … This sweetened my decision even more.

I do quite a lot of yoga now, attending class at least 3-4 times per week and home practice, which more than justified the purchase in ‘pounds spent per use’….I have in my time gone through a few yoga mats which don’t quite cut it with grippiness (grippiness is that a real word?) you know what I mean as you progress through your *asanas hands and feet get warm and hot and a tad damp, place that on the latex / rubber material mat and the slippage gets really real! 

*Asanas = postures

I spoke with friends at yoga class who raved about how good their mats where, so before giving away my paper notes I got to try a friends mat and did a quick downward.  The grip beyond superb!!!

Where do I sign up!

Next dilemma … What colour, I’m not the kinda girl who wants to match her yoga mat with her yoga wardrobe.  For me it was more about how grubby looking (not worn in Im ok with worn in) it would get in a short space of time despite the inbetween mat cleaning routine.  The colours on offer are Grey, Blue, Pink … I chose a Green.


My lovely new green mat arrived in all its Liforme Green Glory and so far has yet to disappoint.

I have had my new mat for about 3 months so plan to share a further post about the bag which it comes supplied with, how I have found using it when practising different forms of yoga and last and very important how to clean the mat!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments sections and I’ll try my best to answer!

Thanks for reading … Namaste!

N x


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