A few months ago, I needed to find a hotel to stay in which was close to the airport….

Why did the hotel need to be so close to the airport I hear you ask? well, because of the stupidly early time I decided to book flights for a one day overseas trip.

I found said hotel….BLOC hotel Gatwick…. your my new favourite friend!


Let me share your spleandor with my friends…
As you can probably tell, I’m a sucker for detail, nice finishing touches and artsy fartsy angles…


Aren’t these hangers the best!


Another nice touch, a neat little cloth bag contained the hair dryer.

In the bathroom – Zenology complimentary bathing products….Might I add these products contain no nasty chemicals!


The bathroom contains a shower, sink and toilet – which doubles up as a wet room, again comfortable in size but spotlessly clean so I had no complaints.
The rooms floor space is a small but comfortable square room.

Oh and did I mention It’s perfectly placed on the airport terminal for those stupidly early flights which you never know when you may need to take….

Happy Easter all, thanks for reading….

N x


LIFESTYLE: Planning to stay organised

Really! 6 months since my last blog post….

Life has been ….well …. just life.

In an effort to enjoy more of my hobby, my consistency, planning and routine has waned and this is what I need to get better at!

Over the past six months I have found my work and life schedule getting busier and busier with more things to remember…. it came to me what was missing…. my good old trusty Filofax.

In my twenties and for most of my early thirties, I used to use and carry one, for the most part this helped me to stay somewhat organised.

I attempted to resurrect my old battered Filofax ….it had seen better days.

So during a rare, childless Saturday in February, I snagged a Filofax bargain purchase from WHSmith – at the bargainacious  price of £5 – oh yes you heard me!





Over the past few weeks the new Filofax and I have began getting a little more acquainted, I have found tons of planner related videos on YouTube, that I am steadily making my way through and Pintrest has become my new best friend (again).

I really want to stay invested in this new ‘way of life’ so bought myself various planner ‘essentials’ such as – sticky notes, Washi tape and the like to …’spruce up my Filofax’ … as is so fabulously demonstrated via the resources I have seen and watched.




With my new Filofax companion, the plan (pardon the pun) is to build in more consistency by working out my free days outside of familylife , schoolruns, kiddo’s extra activities, impromptu birthday parties, cleaning, cooking, yoga (both home and studio visits), SLEEP! and anything else considered a priority!  I have high hopes that the consistency part of blogging returns over time…

Wish me luck, I have a feeling there will be some adjusting to get things back where they need to be on the blogging front.

Thanks for reading…

N x




Weleda Insight Day 2015

I was invited back to sunny Derbyshire to visit Weleda UK HQ.  Of course there was no way I was going to miss this again as my previous visit was fantastic! You can read more about the here

 So rather than flood this post with a whole load of pictures that you may have seen before I have focused this post mainly on the differences of this visit compared to last years and of course the new product launches …So here goes

Weleda insight day 2015!

Weleda had taken on feedback from previous visits so with further ado it was straight on the mini bus to the gardens for a tour. 

On this visit we were given the opportunity to take part in plant study. 

When developing products Weleda usually carry out a plant study in order to gain inspiration from the lead flower/plant of choice.
The flower of choice this time, for our study was Chamomille.

The first stage of the Plant Study we were told to shake off any negative energy, previous thoughts from your mind and then he headed down to where the chamomile flowers were planted to basically look, touch and smell the flowers … In silence.  This was lovely, and in such a tranquil setting I got to truely appreciate just how beautiful the chamomile flower is, simple yet beautiful….there was a slight breeze in the air on the day so seeing these flowers bobbing around vibrantly was delightful and unbelievably calming at the same time.

Next we were asked to describe how the flower made you feel or what you felt it represented? Words such as ‘relaxing’ ‘sunshine’ and ‘vibrant’ were words shared amongst the group. 

Then back to base, where we dissected the flower from the root upwards, placing each leaf on a piece of A3 paper to see how the leaves are formed from the root to the flower.

This plant study gave me a real appreciation for how much effort goes into producing Weleda products – which is truely something special! 

Back to the ranch and after being in an abundance of wide open space, we worked up appetite and it was time to eat! 

What a generous spread!!! All hand lovingly made by Basilia Deli and Eaterie.

After lunch it was time to hear about the products.


Calendula Nappy Change Cream launches in July. Offer a deeply norishing and restorative cream. The cream contains Rosehip oil which provides improvement to elasticity and moisture. The key ingredients are:

  • Witch Hazel – astringent, cleansing, antiseptic 
  • Iris Germanica Root Extract – moisture
  • Jojoba Seed Oil – light and for easy absorption.


In August the Arnica Sport Showr Gel launches. The key ingredient are Arnica, Rosemary Oil and Lavender Oil. The blend of all of these scents is both energising and calming, the gel is also supposed to be non drying to the skin.  I was given a sample to try so I’ll report back soon.  



Almond product range for sensitive skin, the products launch in September. No lie, they smell absolutely gorgeous. I have a tendency to suffer from sensitive skin especially when my skin is exposed to too much sunlight and sea water – yes I am a prickly heat sufferer. 

So hearing that these products actually balance the skin was a win for me.
We were also given some advice on how to keep sensitive skin at bay:

  • Wearing natural fibres 
  • Bathe in warm water
  • Eating a balanced healthy diet
  • Limit sun exposure
  • Limit time in air con and central heating conditions
  • Reduce stress
  • Do something you enjoy
  • Patch tests 
  • Avoid over cleaning 
  • Use 100% natural products 

Weleda kindly gave me a body lotion.  So I will share my personally views on this in a few weeks time.


Ready for Christmas yet?  It’s good to see Weleda really fully embracing the gifting market.  They have expanded the range of pre gift boxes items to include both full and minature sized favorites.  There is something for everyone, prices for the gift boxes range from £5 – £55.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day, finally it was off to the shop to make some long awaited purchases.  I had been saving myself for this and bought the following items.

Weleda were generous enough to give me the following items below in a goody bag.  If they happen to ready this, thanks again so much and for the hospitality of all the staff! 

Goody bag:  


Note:  I was not asked to write this blog post, the products gifted to me where in return for my visit.  What more can I say, and you know the drill if I like/love something I blog about it! 

Thanks for reading …

N x 

LIFESTYLE | I Heart Pefkos – Holiday Pics

Picture the scene, on a balcony, 7am, the sun is slowly rising and the birds are chirping, the only other sounds you hear is the occasionally car passing in the distance on a near by road….

Other that this it is blissfully silent. 

That was me a couple of months ago.  It seems so far away now! 

From reading previous posts you’ll have probably gathered I’m a creature of habit hence I couldn’t wait to visit again.  We holidayed last year in Greece, Rhodes and stayed in a beautiful resort called Pefkos you can read more about my adventures first time around here.

This time we stayed at a different however lovely hotel called the Pefki Island Hotel.



Here are some of my holiday snaps with a few of the things we got up to:

Up up and away…. Leaving the UK! 


First stop – Lee Beach   

Spot of lunch at one of our favourite spots – Lee Beach Cafe, great food, superb service and super friendly staff! Worth a visit for the atmosphere and great views of the beach and ocean.   

Painting my nails before heading out to the hotels Greek Night


Nails done/the outfit  

Greek Night Festivities 


 Gorgeous flowers in Greece


 Rhodes Old town


On set of a Movie (“Swinging Away” I think that’s what the guy said?) – we got to spy a glimpse of the actress Shannon Elizabeth having her makeup done in a car in Lindos Town.  

Quite surreal to see a lot of the tense behaviour from movie directors on this normally chill island.  Understandable though as they were trying to get angles and clear the area of passing tourists! 

 Beautiful St Paul’s Bay nr Lindos  

The Pool at night – a little higher up this time, as we managed to change rooms.


 Visit to Tsabika Beach – it really does live up to the reputation its a beautiful beach! 




Dinner at the hotel’s restaurant Elia, outside, poolside   


We hit the road and headed to the west side of the island and stopped by at Limini beach    




Lardos beach  

A thoroughly enjoyable holiday, I hope you enjoyed the pictures…

Have you got any holidays booked… If so feel free to share where your visiting / have visited? 

Thanks for reading …

N x

LIFESTYLE| Baldwins Herb Art – Stomach Soothing Tea

The lovely people at Baldwins recently got in touch and asked me to be involved in their Herb Art campaign* called ‘Inside Out Beauty’. 

It’s the first part of a 6 month campaign which focuses on  De-Stress Summer, All About Autumn and Live Happy.


The Inside Out Beauty campaign focuses on how looking and feeling great starts from the inside out. The campaign reflects on how natural remedies and supplements can boost your wellbeing, in turn enhancing your confidence and happiness – with this theme reflected in the visual beauty of using herbs to create artwork.

I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to get in involved, as last years Herb Art was pretty damn impressive take a looksey here!

I was sent my own personalised Herb Art card and some Herbs and then it was time to get creative!!!



Here’s my design…



Being an avid drinker of herb teas I fully appreciated this little task, the aroma of the herbs was absolutely gorgeous!!! 

The herbs I was sent where a blend of:

Chamomile Flowers

Peppermint leaves

Fennel seeds

Dried cut ginger

All the ingredients needed to make my own “Stomach Soothing Tea”

Perfect … Someone put the kettle on please!

To learn more about the campaign visit the Baldwins website for more details.

Thanks for reading …

Ps I plan to share details of my recent holiday and photos very soon!

N x

*Being an avid herbal tea drinker, I was not paid or gifted to write this post although I was sent the lovely package of herbs for the design. 


LIFESTYLE : Liforme Yoga Mat – Part 1

A yoga mat for £100.  

Who really can justify a yoga mat for £100…. Erm ….. Me (sheepish voice).  Call it stupidity… I call it dedication! 


A decision I pondered over for a good 6 months before I took the plunge.

The yoga mat I’m referring to is the Liforme Yoga Mat which is used by some of my favourite yoga teachers both at home and afar – which ok if you see you favourite yoga teachers using the mats on YouTube, Instagram and in class, they have to some good… No? 

Whether a Yoga teacher buy the mats using their own funds or are sent them to promote, the fact is for me it was a good selling…

I did search quite thoroughly on Google to see whether there were any other reviewer opinions… Less than a handful. I went to Liforme’s Twitter endless tweets with lots of seemingly satisfied customers who had nothing but good to say!

Then it happened … I take it as a sign, my local yoga studio had the mats available and were taking orders with a discretionary £5 discount.  I did the math saving money on potential delivey cost, plus the £5 discount … This sweetened my decision even more.

I do quite a lot of yoga now, attending class at least 3-4 times per week and home practice, which more than justified the purchase in ‘pounds spent per use’….I have in my time gone through a few yoga mats which don’t quite cut it with grippiness (grippiness is that a real word?) you know what I mean as you progress through your *asanas hands and feet get warm and hot and a tad damp, place that on the latex / rubber material mat and the slippage gets really real! 

*Asanas = postures

I spoke with friends at yoga class who raved about how good their mats where, so before giving away my paper notes I got to try a friends mat and did a quick downward.  The grip beyond superb!!!

Where do I sign up!

Next dilemma … What colour, I’m not the kinda girl who wants to match her yoga mat with her yoga wardrobe.  For me it was more about how grubby looking (not worn in Im ok with worn in) it would get in a short space of time despite the inbetween mat cleaning routine.  The colours on offer are Grey, Blue, Pink … I chose a Green.


My lovely new green mat arrived in all its Liforme Green Glory and so far has yet to disappoint.

I have had my new mat for about 3 months so plan to share a further post about the bag which it comes supplied with, how I have found using it when practising different forms of yoga and last and very important how to clean the mat!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments sections and I’ll try my best to answer!

Thanks for reading … Namaste!

N x


Boo ….remember me! 

Yes I’m still living and breathing, but have been a tad busy which unfortunately hasn’t  left me much bandwidth to blog.

Your probably wondering why I have been away? Well I have been completely consumed with making some changes in my career and I’m pleased to say the dedication I have shown in doing this has really helped me make a very long overdue change which hopefully will open new doors to little travel, the chance to experience a change in environment, meet new people and to make a lasting impact…. I’m excited! 

So this was just a quick post to say the blog (and me) still exists and I will be uploading some new blog posts very soon! 

As always thanks for reading (and sticking with me!)

Please note I have used five exclamation marks in my post which is a display of my total and sheer excitement to be back! There goes another one … The count is now six!

N x