LIFESTYLE | Space Cowboy Tribute

I love live music. It’s doesn’t have to necessarily be the latest solo or group sensation of the moment, I just love to hear good quality vocals, strings, bass and drumming….

On a rare Saturday night out last week I got the chance to hear live drums, bass and soulful singing … all thanks to Space Cowboy – A Tribute to Jamiroquai.


Located in the West Midlands at The Crossing…

The Crossing is housed inside South and City College in the Digbeth area of Birmingham.



It’s a suitably sized, small to medium event space which made for a very comfortable nights viewing…

This wasn’t an amateur set up there was lighting, sound and smoke machines with no obvious signs of malfunction which gave for a very professional set up.

The front man gave an impressive like version of the one and only Jay Kay, it was hard not to think I wasn’t sitting in an actual Jamiroquai concert. He wore all of the Headgear Jay Kay is famous for which formed part of the performances and was a nice touch!

The backing singers, where on point the crispness and quality of their voices complimented each song.

They sang all the classics such as …Too Young To Die, Space Cowboy to name a few…

The band – drummers, bass players all provided the necessary accompaniment to give this show a proud display and worthy tribute to Jamiroquai.

For a £10 ticket with two one hour sets this was more than worth a visit! The show was superb!

To check out Space Cowboy, here’s a link to their YouTube page. The band also have a Facebook page if your interested in checking out where they are next performing.

Thanks for reading ….

N x