LIFESTYLE: The Art of Consistency / Where Have You Been?

Has it really been nearly one whole month that I haven’t put finger to key pad to blog!

Unfortunately shamefully so *hangs head, sad face*. Please accept these flowers as my apology…


So I bet your wondering what the title of this blog is about … Well in short ….me and my inability to focus my attention to be consistent with my new found hobby and love – blogging.

It’s not for the want of trying, however I have been through a mini roller coaster which I’m sure all bloggers go through, I’m not quite sure there’s a name for it so lets just call it the “blogger crash and burn episode” there that sounds about right.

Quite simply put at the start of this year I embarked on this new journey of blogging, after a couple of false starts of starting blogs previously and my love for reading and following blogs, vlog and social media, I thought right that’s it’s – I did the usual stuff… But took the time to sort things out properly this time…

…researched which blogging platform to use – check
…. Noted name ideas – check
…set up an account – check

From January the first onwards I was blogging 3 – 4 times a week, engaging on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter …

For me blogging is my hobby, like most people I. am. busy with
– family – keeping toddler entertained, keeping up to date with family,
– homelife – keeping house tidy, organised, chores … Etc
– work – an uber busy day job, which at times requires me to work out of ‘office hours’ just to get stuff done – not a complaint though as I do enjoy my job!

Crash! That’s just exactly what I did…. I just couldn’t muster the energy to blog. Despite all of the ideas for blog posts whirling around in my little tired brain.

I tweeted my despair and the lovely Emma over at Frugally Peachy responded with support and words of wisdom. ( p.s. you should check out Emma’s blog too it’s jam packed full of fabulous ways to embrace frugality, magical crafting – head over there and take a look! )

So I took a semi break from social media for about a week, no twitter, no Instagram and no blogging

Work got busier! Life remained consistent ….

BURN! Which resulted in no blogging for about a month, and a barely there existence on social media, all the while and I know this sounds dramatic I felt this sense of loss in the back of mind always thinking ….how can I integrate blogging back into my life and allow it to remain consistent? I manage it quite easily with most other things – life duties and other hobbies I have such as my once weekly attendance to practice yoga and gym? how …

Well for me it started with me identifying why I couldn’t blog and the reason is my need for further organisation in other areas of my life – I won’t go into too much detail here but being organised is extremely freeing … Making lists and prioritising has definitely helped, along with ‘me’ time by this I mean

Funtime with mini me and husb – cinema, parks days, an impromptu trip to the beach:



And who doesn’t love fish & chips and hot donuts from the seaside!



pamper time – face masks, paint my nails, candles, relax and breathe! You get my drift.
Catching up with friends – here a little picture of afternoon tea birthday treat which I got for one of my bestie’s:


Me time a magazine and a cafe latte:


The family and I have also been away on a little holiday too (my last one being 2012) which I will share details of that soon. Here’s a sneak peek picture from the trip:


I think all of this time away did me good, because tonight I feel like blogging and what I have learnt from the time away is that it starts with me not putting so much pressure on myself to blog. And knowing when it’s just time to take a break….

I will however try to be consistent, by this I mean integrating blogging into my life much the same as other things I enjoy to do – as its important to have a outlet for the things you enjoy todo otherwise – what’s the point of life!

Woah I’m so deep tonight!

I hope tonight’s post hasn’t bored you to tears, I just thought it would be worth explaining why I had been so absent …and just to say that I’m back really 🙂

Have you experienced ‘Blogger crash and burn episode’? If so how did you get out of it….

p.p.s I have a few posts lined up, so stay tuned!

And for those of you following my blog either via wordpress or by email thanks for hanging in there and sticking around!

N x