A few months ago, I needed to find a hotel to stay in which was close to the airport….

Why did the hotel need to be so close to the airport I hear you ask? well, because of the stupidly early time I decided to book flights for a one day overseas trip.

I found said hotel….BLOC hotel Gatwick…. your my new favourite friend!


Let me share your spleandor with my friends…
As you can probably tell, I’m a sucker for detail, nice finishing touches and artsy fartsy angles…


Aren’t these hangers the best!


Another nice touch, a neat little cloth bag contained the hair dryer.

In the bathroom – Zenology complimentary bathing products….Might I add these products contain no nasty chemicals!


The bathroom contains a shower, sink and toilet – which doubles up as a wet room, again comfortable in size but spotlessly clean so I had no complaints.
The rooms floor space is a small but comfortable square room.

Oh and did I mention It’s perfectly placed on the airport terminal for those stupidly early flights which you never know when you may need to take….

Happy Easter all, thanks for reading….

N x


FACE: Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye

Change of job. Change in routine. More Travel.  I felt like my skin needed rescuing during the month of August … But more so the tiredness was starting to show around my eye area – fine lines and a generally drier appearance, I know this because of the dreaded undereye concealer creasing I got throughout my days at work etc.

I have recently purchased Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye to see what ‘repair’ I could do topically, alongside upping my water intake.

I’m pleased with the results! 

Actually I’m more than pleased with the results, I often feel it does take time for creams, lotions and potions to adjust to my skin before I see the results.  That being also true because of how skin is constantly renewing and repairing itself.  Personally for me, I feel this eye cream lived up to its claims.
Within days … Yes that’s right days, the fine lines presented more of a softer appearance and the dreaded concealer creasing – See ya! 

So the serous bit what’s in this ‘magical’ cream, here’s the product description from the Kiehls website:

Specifically formulated for the delicate under-eye area to achieve fresher, younger looking eyes by morning by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Formulated with Butcher’s Broom, Squalane, Evening Primrose and Lavender.

Paraben-free, fragrance-free, mineral oil-free.

Now the ingredients:

Water, Helianthus Annuus Seed/Oil/Sunflower Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Oil/ Jojoba Seed Oil, Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil/Apricot Kernel Oil, Squalane, Alcohol Denat., Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Glucoside, Oenothera Biennis Oil/Evening Primrose Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter/Shea Butter, Lithium Magnesium Sodium Silicate, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Xanthan Gum, Ruscus Aculeatus Extract/Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract, Aloe Barbadensis/Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Tocopherol, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil/Lavender Oil, Adenosine, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil/Rosemary Leaf Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil, Citronellol, Lavandula Hybrida Oil, Geraniol, Linalool, Cucumis Sativus Extract/Cucumber Fruit Extract, Curcuma Longa Extract/Turmeric Root Extract, Curcuma Longa Extract/Turmeric Root Extract, Sclareolide, Rosa SPP/Rose Flower Oil, Jasminum Officinale Extract/Jasmine Extract

So what’s not so good about about the product you ask….?

Ahem….The packaging.

Whilst I love the fact that I’m not dipping my fingers into a pot, just a little squeeze on the tube and a dot of cream is all that is required.  

The nozzle on the tube is too narrow(or the one I purchased)  I had to keep fighting with it to get the cream out! 

On one attempt I ended up over squeezing the tube and wasting some cream as it projectiled across the other side of the room in a bid for freedom. Seriously.  I then with brute force took to the scissors and snipped the end of the nozzle a couple of times. This did the trick!
All in all I would recommend this eye cream and will definitely repurchase it.   The price tag is fair at £24.50, I purchased mine from SpaceNK.

Kiehls if you ever so happen to read this… Please please make an adjustment to the nozzle on the tube.

Anywho that’s all for now…

Thanks for reading …
N x

LIFESTYLE : Liforme Yoga Mat – Part 1

A yoga mat for £100.  

Who really can justify a yoga mat for £100…. Erm ….. Me (sheepish voice).  Call it stupidity… I call it dedication! 


A decision I pondered over for a good 6 months before I took the plunge.

The yoga mat I’m referring to is the Liforme Yoga Mat which is used by some of my favourite yoga teachers both at home and afar – which ok if you see you favourite yoga teachers using the mats on YouTube, Instagram and in class, they have to some good… No? 

Whether a Yoga teacher buy the mats using their own funds or are sent them to promote, the fact is for me it was a good selling…

I did search quite thoroughly on Google to see whether there were any other reviewer opinions… Less than a handful. I went to Liforme’s Twitter endless tweets with lots of seemingly satisfied customers who had nothing but good to say!

Then it happened … I take it as a sign, my local yoga studio had the mats available and were taking orders with a discretionary £5 discount.  I did the math saving money on potential delivey cost, plus the £5 discount … This sweetened my decision even more.

I do quite a lot of yoga now, attending class at least 3-4 times per week and home practice, which more than justified the purchase in ‘pounds spent per use’….I have in my time gone through a few yoga mats which don’t quite cut it with grippiness (grippiness is that a real word?) you know what I mean as you progress through your *asanas hands and feet get warm and hot and a tad damp, place that on the latex / rubber material mat and the slippage gets really real! 

*Asanas = postures

I spoke with friends at yoga class who raved about how good their mats where, so before giving away my paper notes I got to try a friends mat and did a quick downward.  The grip beyond superb!!!

Where do I sign up!

Next dilemma … What colour, I’m not the kinda girl who wants to match her yoga mat with her yoga wardrobe.  For me it was more about how grubby looking (not worn in Im ok with worn in) it would get in a short space of time despite the inbetween mat cleaning routine.  The colours on offer are Grey, Blue, Pink … I chose a Green.


My lovely new green mat arrived in all its Liforme Green Glory and so far has yet to disappoint.

I have had my new mat for about 3 months so plan to share a further post about the bag which it comes supplied with, how I have found using it when practising different forms of yoga and last and very important how to clean the mat!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments sections and I’ll try my best to answer!

Thanks for reading … Namaste!

N x


Boo ….remember me! 

Yes I’m still living and breathing, but have been a tad busy which unfortunately hasn’t  left me much bandwidth to blog.

Your probably wondering why I have been away? Well I have been completely consumed with making some changes in my career and I’m pleased to say the dedication I have shown in doing this has really helped me make a very long overdue change which hopefully will open new doors to little travel, the chance to experience a change in environment, meet new people and to make a lasting impact…. I’m excited! 

So this was just a quick post to say the blog (and me) still exists and I will be uploading some new blog posts very soon! 

As always thanks for reading (and sticking with me!)

Please note I have used five exclamation marks in my post which is a display of my total and sheer excitement to be back! There goes another one … The count is now six!

N x

FACE | Super Facialist By Una Brennan Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

During the winter months I switched up my skin care routine and introduced a new skin care ‘friend’ into the fold.  

This new ‘friend’ being the Super Facialist by Una Brennan, Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil.


This stuff is seriously a miracle in a bottle! 

Cleansing my face with an oil means I’m not stripping my skin of its natural oils and also whilst using this cleansing oil it does a good job of almost melting the makeup, making it so much easier to remove but gentle at the same time. The cleansing oil contains olive oil, grape seed oil and rosehip oil together with rosemary, vitamin e and cucumber oil. 

I use it with an already damp face straight out of the shower, and gently work a pea sized amount of the oil into my face with circular motions, I do my eye area last so as not to spread eye makeup all over my face. 

Then with a warm damp face cloth or muslin cloth, I remove the cleanser with gentle sweeping motions. Once done my face feels fresh and smooth.

The scent of the oil is a combination of sweet/citrus and not too over powering.

Now this stuff lasts AGES! I have been using it day and night for well over a month and at around £10 per bottle it is well worth the ‘cleanse per pound’.  It’s was definitely worth a repurchase I have picked up another bottle to see me through Spring and definitely worth sharing how great I think it is!

What products are you using to nurture your skin just lately? Feel free to share! 

 Thanks for reading ….

N x

BEAUTY | US BirchBox Revealed!

So what was inside that BirchbBox?


Do you even remember what I’m talking about?? Remember that trip to NYC Birchbox store back in November…I bet by now because I have taken so long to share it you probably don’t even care to know?!?


Sorry my sarcasm is at an all time high this week!

Well I will share it anyway because there are some good bits I picked worth sharing…

Harvey Prince – perfume, I know perfume samples are love or hate in beauty boxes however I happen to like these I normally throw them in one of my handbags or keep them in my desk at work, they end up being handy to use on those mornings when Im in a frantic hurry and forget to use perfume or when in need for a top up. ‘You had me at ‘Hello’ which I believe is the name of the perfume – a fruity blend of Meyer Lemon, Mandarin, Grapefruit and flowers Forsythia and Plumeria. It’s a very pleasant spring like scent.


Ellovi Butter – A lip butter made with just 6 ingredients. I had a read about Ellovi on their website, they pride themselves on making products which contain no synthetic ingredients, preservatives, parabens, or other secret ingredients. It is described as a butter which absolutely lives up to its name as I apply it to my lips it simply melts and provides lasting moisture! Whilst the scent is supposed to be Vanilla to me it smells more chocolately or even honey like which isn’t a bad thing as I’m not usually the biggest fan of vanilla scented items. This is one of my favourite picks!



Next up …Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser. I have not tried this yet as my skin has been behaving. However I can tell you this cleanser says it contains blends of organic lemon, cherry and aloe which deeply cleanses the skin and helps prevent blemishes.


Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment – I’m not sure of anyone who doesn’t love this line of hair products. I love this stuff, I was so pleased I was able to choose this and didn’t hesitate but to add it to my box. This oil is especially good with sealing in moisture and helping to prevent dry brittle hair – for all hair types- especially in this harshly colder winter!


Coastal Scents Palette – This mini sized palette gives four shades from their Revealed 2 eye shadow palette the theme of this palette is called ‘Ballerina’. I have not had chance to use this properly other than a swatch to test out the colours, it’s very similar in colour scheme to the Urban Decay Naked Palette although the colours are not as pigmented and I had to really work the palette to get the colour payoff shown in the pictures, so this palette would probably only be used for occasion wear at work. See below…





Finally Oribe shampoo and conditioner – being honest I am extremely fussy about what I use in my hair so probably will end up giving this away, as I’m not sure nor do I want to experiment. My feeling is this shampoo and conditioner would be more well suited for naturally straight hair types.


All in all quite a good mix of products, except for the Shampoo and Conditioner, which I had to have provided as part of the box and was unable to swap – other than this I am happy with all I had to choose from.

I was so happy to have stumbled upon Birchbox store in NYC, definitely worth a visit again – hopefully soon.

Thanks for reading ….

N x

STYLE | Boots by Style Edit

Happy New Year!

Christmas seems so far away now – right?!

I thought I would share a new addition to my footwear collection purchased from a company called Style Edit.


Style Edit are an online store that sells Shoes, Bags and accessories. I met the lovely founders of the company at the FAB event I attended last year – two super friendly and engaging ladies who not only have a real passion for bringing affordable style items to the masses but also really engaging of the blogging community!

As is the norm shortly after our meeting, I started following Style Edit on my Instagram feed (my instagram name is ‘stylefacebeauty’ if your not already following me) so I could view any new releases and promotions ….

Then it happened…. the day I saw THOSE boots! Which happen to be called ‘Laura’.


I’m normally really cautious about buying boots online as I’m normally a ‘try on before I buy it’ kinda gal, especially as these boots were knee high, I was worried that they might be too baggy or tight in places and then if I had to send them back *sigh and eye roll* – however I just couldn’t resist buying them because ….
1. My wardrobe was seriously lacking a pair of nice black books,
2. I also wanted said boots to be knee high,
3. Dare I mention again they were affordable!

I decided to take the plunge, I purchased the boots with a 30% discount in the Style Edit sale, this sale is still on so I got the boots for £31.49 instead of the normal £44.99 – bargain!




The boots are a very good quality faux suede unlike anything I have seen so far and extremely well made, and well worth the price. The boots come packaged as expected in a box, but also with a dust bag to protect them whilst not being worn. The boots themselves have a zip on the inside leg and a split at the back with a discreet elastic banding right behind the knee which helps the boots to stay up but also provides the flexibility needed when walking, driving etc …

I have been wearing these boots most weekends since I received them, the initial creasing due to packing has since smoothed out and they simply mould to the shape of my legs, they are also super warm and the heel whilst not completely flat provides the right amount of height and real comfort – there’s no pinching or rubbing or achy foot arches here!

I received super fast FREE delivery, the boots arrived around three or four days after I ordered them on 23rd December – right in time for Christmas.

So as you gather I’m super pleased with my purchase. Style Edit are definitely a brand to keep an eye on if your looking for affordable and well made footwear, bags and accessories!

Have you purchased anything new in the sales – feel free to share below!

Thanks for reading …

N x