LIFESTYLE: For the love of….Cake

So just an uber quick post tonight, I was chatting to one of my new blogger friends via twitter last night.

The topic of chocolate, cake and what we’re giving up for lent was discussed. That’s right folks as today marks the official start of Lent. I shall be giving up CAKE!.


I’ll back track some few weeks ago where mini-me and I took to the kitchen to do some Valentines day baking for the husb.

Nothing too mind blowing actually, I normally bake cakes from scratch however because my little person was in vicinity for precision speed (and to keep her engaged) I cheated and picked up a Betty Crocker Red Velvet Cake mix and a Dora the explorer cake mix. 1. Pop an egg in, 2. water and 3. mix …. Bish bash bosh!




We made this:


And this:



I’ve never made Red Velvet cake before (although I’ve tried it in New York!) my cake was absolutely delish if I don’t say so myself! mini-me’s cupcakes also went down a treat too.


Images like this will keep me pining for cake for the next 6 weeks!

I am an absolute cake fiend…. Seriously I like to do nothing more than eat cake with a cup of green tea to wash it down with afterwards, so I know giving cake up for Lent is going to be a huge struggle. However I’m up for the challenge….I’m focused! Wish me luck…

P.s I plan to post weekly updates on Wednesdays to share my *struggle*…. I mean …success with avoiding cake!

If you partake in Lent… What will you be giving up?

Thanks for reading ….TTFN!