Weleda Insight Day 2015

I was invited back to sunny Derbyshire to visit Weleda UK HQ.  Of course there was no way I was going to miss this again as my previous visit was fantastic! You can read more about the here

 So rather than flood this post with a whole load of pictures that you may have seen before I have focused this post mainly on the differences of this visit compared to last years and of course the new product launches …So here goes

Weleda insight day 2015!

Weleda had taken on feedback from previous visits so with further ado it was straight on the mini bus to the gardens for a tour. 

On this visit we were given the opportunity to take part in plant study. 

When developing products Weleda usually carry out a plant study in order to gain inspiration from the lead flower/plant of choice.
The flower of choice this time, for our study was Chamomille.

The first stage of the Plant Study we were told to shake off any negative energy, previous thoughts from your mind and then he headed down to where the chamomile flowers were planted to basically look, touch and smell the flowers … In silence.  This was lovely, and in such a tranquil setting I got to truely appreciate just how beautiful the chamomile flower is, simple yet beautiful….there was a slight breeze in the air on the day so seeing these flowers bobbing around vibrantly was delightful and unbelievably calming at the same time.

Next we were asked to describe how the flower made you feel or what you felt it represented? Words such as ‘relaxing’ ‘sunshine’ and ‘vibrant’ were words shared amongst the group. 

Then back to base, where we dissected the flower from the root upwards, placing each leaf on a piece of A3 paper to see how the leaves are formed from the root to the flower.

This plant study gave me a real appreciation for how much effort goes into producing Weleda products – which is truely something special! 

Back to the ranch and after being in an abundance of wide open space, we worked up appetite and it was time to eat! 

What a generous spread!!! All hand lovingly made by Basilia Deli and Eaterie.

After lunch it was time to hear about the products.


Calendula Nappy Change Cream launches in July. Offer a deeply norishing and restorative cream. The cream contains Rosehip oil which provides improvement to elasticity and moisture. The key ingredients are:

  • Witch Hazel – astringent, cleansing, antiseptic 
  • Iris Germanica Root Extract – moisture
  • Jojoba Seed Oil – light and for easy absorption.


In August the Arnica Sport Showr Gel launches. The key ingredient are Arnica, Rosemary Oil and Lavender Oil. The blend of all of these scents is both energising and calming, the gel is also supposed to be non drying to the skin.  I was given a sample to try so I’ll report back soon.  



Almond product range for sensitive skin, the products launch in September. No lie, they smell absolutely gorgeous. I have a tendency to suffer from sensitive skin especially when my skin is exposed to too much sunlight and sea water – yes I am a prickly heat sufferer. 

So hearing that these products actually balance the skin was a win for me.
We were also given some advice on how to keep sensitive skin at bay:

  • Wearing natural fibres 
  • Bathe in warm water
  • Eating a balanced healthy diet
  • Limit sun exposure
  • Limit time in air con and central heating conditions
  • Reduce stress
  • Do something you enjoy
  • Patch tests 
  • Avoid over cleaning 
  • Use 100% natural products 

Weleda kindly gave me a body lotion.  So I will share my personally views on this in a few weeks time.


Ready for Christmas yet?  It’s good to see Weleda really fully embracing the gifting market.  They have expanded the range of pre gift boxes items to include both full and minature sized favorites.  There is something for everyone, prices for the gift boxes range from £5 – £55.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day, finally it was off to the shop to make some long awaited purchases.  I had been saving myself for this and bought the following items.

Weleda were generous enough to give me the following items below in a goody bag.  If they happen to ready this, thanks again so much and for the hospitality of all the staff! 

Goody bag:  


Note:  I was not asked to write this blog post, the products gifted to me where in return for my visit.  What more can I say, and you know the drill if I like/love something I blog about it! 

Thanks for reading …

N x 


LIFESTYLE | Xenca Five A Day Plus V

The clocks have gone back, extra hour in bed (yeah right!), shorter days, long nights, lack of daylight…. And I need an energy boost!

Xenca to the rescue…


Xenca have brought out another product in their green food range Xenca Five A Day plus V which I’m actually quite liking.

I bought it about a month ago and put it on reserves for when the winter starts to grip hold of me and zap my energy through the lack of heat and sunshine!

So here what’s new about the usual Xenca Five a day plus V.

Its a vegan friendly blend which contains extracts of vanilla and raspberry, you can actually see small fine piece of raspberry in the powder.


It’s a finer grain of powder which helps it to mix better when drinking with plain water. This product now no longer contains Royal Jelly.

Here’s the ingredients list:
Alfalfa, Apple Pectin Fibre, Barley Grass Juice, Beetroot Juice Powder, Chlorella, Coenzyme Q10, Dulse, Fucoxanthin, Ionic Trace Minerals, Jerusalem Artichoke Powder, Organic Kelp, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bifidus, Raspberry Flavour, Rice Bran Powder, Soya Lecithin, Spirulina, Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), Maize Starch, Vanilla Flavour, Wheatgrass Juice.

I actually prefer this one to the original especially when drinking it with plain water as I like the subtle hints of the vanilla and raspberry flavour it gives.

I need not tell you again I am a big fan of this product for the energy boost it gives me as previously shared.

If your in need of an autumn / winter boost its worth giving Xenca Five A Day Plus V a try!

Thanks for reading …

N x

Weleda Insight Day event

Yesterday was everything I expected it to be and more!

If you were following my Instagram and Twitter accounts I absolutely flooded my timeline with pictures and tweets about my attendance to the #Weledainsightdays.

As mentioned in this post I hinted about an exciting opportunity, and this was that… on Friday 13th June 2014 after a long day at work and a routine check of my inbox I stumbled upon an invitation to visit Weleda!  #Beyond pleased….#absolutely!

We were blessed with an absolute stunner for sunny weather yesterday, the invitation from Weleda advised to come casually dressed.  I opted to wear a crisp pale blue shirt with sleeves rolled up for a less formal look, paired with jeans (both pieces from Zara) and my comfy sandals (can’t remember where I got these from!).


I arrived on time for once, despite the traffic enroute being horrendous from where I live….

I arrived at the trademark pink Weleda building. Once I parked my car, registered, I received a very warm welcome from the staff at Weleda.  They are a real happy bunch of people (with amazing skin!), I figure it’s probably because they know they have pretty fabulous jobs working with amazing products in a beautiful setting and tranquil environment.


We received a friendly welcome from the Head of Marketing and the Itinary for the day – first stop a mini bus to Weleda fields.

We took a walk through the gardens where the flowers and plants are grown, and received a talk from one of the lead gardeners who was a fountain of information.


Past towering Birch trees…


Through the Spring Meadow…


Next up a demonstration on Calendula Tincture making …


Back on the bus to the HQ and a spot of lunch…


We received a fun but educational talk on the differences between mineral oil vs natural oil with a chance to try and test the differences, we were also shown an apple which had been cleansed using a very well know brand – which made the apple blemished to show the effects of how harmful unnatural products can be to the skin…


Then we had a chance to start playing and testing existing and soon to launch Weleda products….


Last stop, Weleda generously gave all attendees goodie bags … With a couple of their new soon to launch products to take home!



I also purchased a couple of items I have been lusting for too….I will be trying these out and sharing my thoughts in upcoming posts.


I cannot put into words, how impressed I was with the Weleda insight day, I had a thoroughly enjoyable time and also got to meet a few other fellow bloggers which was also great too! 

To Weleda UK if you so happen to be reading this, thankyou so so much for allowing me the opportunity to visit, and learn some really invaluable information…

Thanks for reading

N x

LIFESTYLE: XENCA Five A Day Plus – Review

I’m a green smoothie addict, if you follow me on Instagram you know this because I generally post my green smoothie creations on my account.

I mentioned in this post, that I purchased the Xenca Five a day+ green food powder as an additional alternative for spinach and kale which I usually add to my green smoothies. 


I have been drinking Xenca Five a day+ with just water (thankfully not a nasty taste, it taste like nothing) and also blended with fruits as a smoothie.


A few great facts about Xenca Five a day+

– Each serving (a teaspoon) is nutritionally equivalent to 5-7 servings of fresh fruit and veg.
– It’s completely natural no colouring, artificial flavouring, added sugar or preservatives.
– It’s packed full of natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants.
– Health benefits claim to boost energy, aid detoxification and improve mental concentration.
– Each serving contains less than 12 calories.

I have been using the Xenca Five a day+ pretty much since I bought it, although in order to see how much difference it made to how I felt, I have stopped and started using it again just to see whether the claims are true ….I’m pleased to say they are! 

I have felt so much more energised and alert at work, less bloated at the end of the evening after dinner, less tired in the morning and craved less rubbish food like cakes and sweets (although that may be psychological!).

Also if like in my house your fruit and veg supplies dwindle down to nothing because it’s all eaten by the end of the week before the next weekly food shop, it’s handy having this in the house to drink so you get your recommended ‘Five a day’.

I would definitely recommend Xenca Five a day+ to anyone who loves green smoothies as much as I do, anyone who struggles to eat fresh fruit on a daily basis either through being to lazy to eat it or just through being so busy…. In my opinion Xenca Five a day+ should be a staple in every home.


I will definitely make an effort to repeat purchase Xenca Five a day+ for me and my family.

Have you tried Xenca Five a day+, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading! 

N x

STYLE: What I’m wearing today

Happy Valentines Day!

I have a day off work today, so have a few errands to run with mini-me of which includes taking her to Toddlers music class.

Here’s what I’m wearing today:


Jumper – GAP
Jeans – ZARA
Suede Navy Boots – Next
Necklace – NEXT
Watch – Michael Kors
Gold Stud Earrings

Mini-me and I are currently baking the mister some Valentines day delights…. Depending on how well they turn out I may blog the finished result.

What are you doing nice today?

Have a lovely day!